SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 29, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – AUTOACCIDENT.COM – According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic safety, a hit-and run-accident occurs about 60 times per minute. 36% of hit-and-run accidents in Sacramento between 2017-2018 have resulted in injury or death.

Top Hit-And-Run-Roads -
In an effort to raise awareness and reduce the occurrence of hit-and-run accidents in Sacramento, AUTOACCIDENT.COM has commissioned a study to compile and analyze hit and run data in Sacramento. Data was compiled using CHP’s I-SWITRS records system.

The findings are reported through a series of charts and graphs that outline the most prevalent locations for hit-and-run accidents throughout the city. The charts are accompanied by a detailed analysis of the findings.

The data shows that the roads with the highest rate of hit-and-run accidents include:

  • US-50
  • SR-99
  • I-5
  • SR-51
  • I-80
  • 12th Ave
  • Fruitridge Rd
  • Florin Rd
  • Stockton BL
  • J Street

In addition to the data compilation, charts and analysis AUTOACCIDENT.COM also provides an overview of the legal responsibilities of drivers after an accident occurs.

AUTOACCIDENT.COM aggregated data on hit-and-run accidents to produce several graphics including an interactive map to chart the locations of hit-and-run accidents in Sacramento.

The complete study details and interactive map are available at:

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