SpamBagger LLC’s flagship product helps companies eliminate spam and reduce the costs of processing unwanted emails

DALLAS, TX – May 9 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — SpamBagger LLC has introduced an enterprise gateway spam elimination tool that promises to save companies the huge costs associated with processing unwanted and dangerous emails.

“In the recent past, ‘spam’ has exploded from being just an annoyance to being a serious threat to company networks, overloading bandwidth and crashing servers,” says Greg Odom of SpamBagger. “With SpamBagger, companies no longer have to constantly monitor their networks, nor do they have to shell out huge amounts for ineffective filtration systems.”

“SpamBagger is a real-time proxy gateway and content filtering system that leaves unsolicited, unwanted email at its origin, thus reducing the costs of quarantining, processing and archiving spam at the receiving end. SpamBagger’s tools allow users to choose between being pro-active and hands-on or letting SpamBagger do the work according to its Central Site Rules updates.”

The savings that SpamBagger brings to a company, Odom points out, include bandwidth costs, storage costs and manpower costs. SpamBagger does not use quarantine filtering like most other products. SpamBagger analyzes messages in real-time and either delivers them or rejects them. Either the recipient immediately receives the message, or the sender immediately receives an “undeliverable notification” before the delivery attempt is finished.

“The operational benefits, patented technology, and savings of SpamBagger make it a very unique product and give it an advantage over existing enterprise products,” says Odom. “With SpamBagger installed on your company’s networks, you can rest assured that your systems will never be burdened with unsolicited email again. And since unwanted email is not accepted, it is not subject to archiving and those associated costs.”

SpamBagger is a highly scalable and fault-tolerant product, that is simple to install, manage and support. Users can use their web browser to set personal trusts, filters and “safe words,” allowing emails with those words to make it past the rigorous spam detection system.

About SpamBagger LLC:

SpamBagger is a robust, enterprise spam elimination tool that rids company networks of unsolicited, bandwidth-clogging, potentially dangerous emails. Thanks to its suite of advantageous features, SpamBagger has been the spam filter of choice in leading companies like airBand Communications, the largest fixed wireless company in the United States, and Information Processing Corporation. Other SpamBagger products include an Email Archiving Gateway appliance.

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