HUGO, Minn., Oct. 12, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In this first book of a new five-part series, “La Familia: Loose Ends” (ISBN: 978-1735416007), author Corey Cepeda of Razor Sharp Publishing, introduces readers to a ruling family reigning terror over Mexico – the De Los Santos cartel dynasty. Filled with political intrigue, murder and family drama, the twists and turns take readers on a page-turning ride they’re not soon to forget.

La Familia: Loose Ends - by author Corey Cepeda

Each book in this five-part series will have a portion of sales donated for different issues including cancer and dementia / Alzheimer’s research. 50 percent of the proceeds from the first book will go to organizations in Minnesota that are working to fight human sex trafficking.

“La Familia: Loose Ends” starts with the attempted murder of the country’s most powerful drug lord, Vicente De Los Santos, who also happens to be the nation’s ruler. It all happens at his 10-year old daughter’s birthday party and in the wake, innocent children and women are killed, quickly leading to a national Armageddon. Severely injured, Vicente, “The Boss of Bosses,” is out for blood. His eldest son, Ignacio, joins his avenging father while he carries secrets of his own and Ignacio’s brother, Santino, returns home to help his family, but becomes suspect that something deeply sinister is afoot.

Vicente’s brother, Aurelio, an honest and fierce lieutenant in the Sinaloa State police, opens an investigation and quickly pieces together a frightening enemy. Gabriella, Vicente’s wife, is a cunning business woman and mother. She works to keep the family, including her young daughter, Lucita, together while she continues to support the efforts of her ruthless husband.

“I’ve had the story in my head in for a few years,” Cepeda says. “After a recent career break from working in the pharmaceutical industry, I decided it was time to put pen to paper. The words poured out effortlessly.”

Inspired by TV shows such as “Breaking Bad” and “Sons of Anarchy,” Cepeda says he wanted to write something that showed true conflict between characters.

“I wanted to create a series that I’d want to read – something engaging, gripping, dark and conflicted,” he says. “This series is the end result.”

“La Familia: Loose Ends” is a phenomenal introduction into the underbelly of the De Los Santos cartel dynasty. It exposes a highly complex and powerful family who are destined for a tragic end.

Cepeda captures this spectacularly uncompromising fictional account of a complex and merciless family that struggles with two things: How to maintain their chokehold on the drug empire they have created; and the bloodlines that bond them.

The book is available in print and digital format on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and from all other major book retailers.

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About the Author

First-time Minnesota author, Corey Cepeda, nails his epic introduction to the De Los Santos Family. With no formal education or background in writing, Cepeda wrote “La Familia: Loose Ends” in three short months.

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