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BEAVERTON, OR (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Forefront Economics Inc., publisher of the Housing Construction Trends Report, released their analysis of trends in residential units permitted for construction through October today. “Pockets of weakness observed last month in the underlying trend in housing units permitted for construction have spread to now include several areas,” said Mark Thompson, President of Forefront Economics Inc.

“Our analysis shows that permits for single family construction are trending higher in the South, but are flat in the Northeast and West and falling in the Midwest. Just last month, three of the four Census Regions were trending higher in single family construction permits. This month’s data provide another indication that single family residential construction has reached a seasonally adjusted peak and may now be trending lower. If so, single family permits will join multifamily construction in what is a predominately negative trend. All Regions now show a clearly falling trend in multifamily units permitted for construction.”

Forefront Economics uses statistical algorithms to assess the strength and direction of trends in units permitted for construction down to the county level. This analysis is reported in their monthly Housing Construction Trends Report along with comparisons to the previous year and seasonally adjusted levels. Readers can use this information to spot the peaks and troughs in construction trends easier and earlier than simply looking at actual or seasonally adjusted values. Trends reported and discussed are adjusted for normal seasonality and irregular shocks allowing a clearer picture of the underlying trend.

Forefront Economics Inc. also released state trends for single family and multifamily units permitted for construction. State reports are available at .

Trends by State, Single and Multifamily Units Permitted for Construction Classification of trend is based on the Forefront Economics Trend Index (FETI)

State Single Family Multifamily
Alabama Moderately Positive Moderately Negative
Alaska Flat Strongly Negative
Arizona Flat Strongly Positive
Arkansas Flat Strongly Positive
California Moderately Negative Strongly Negative
Colorado Flat Strongly Negative
Connecticut Strongly Negative Moderately Negative
Delaware Moderately Negative Flat
District of Columbia Flat Strongly Negative
Florida Flat Flat
Georgia Moderately Positive Flat
Hawaii Strongly Positive Moderately Positive
Idaho Moderately Negative Strongly Negative
Illinois Strongly Negative Flat
Indiana Moderately Positive Strongly Positive
Iowa Strongly Positive Flat
Kansas Strongly Positive Strongly Negative
Kentucky Strongly Negative Strongly Negative
Louisiana Moderately Negative Flat
Maine Moderately Negative Moderately Positive
Maryland Moderately Negative Strongly Negative
Massachusetts Flat Flat
Michigan Moderately Negative Strongly Negative
Minnesota Flat Strongly Negative
Mississippi Flat Flat
Missouri Moderately Negative Strongly Negative
Montana Flat Strongly Negative
Nebraska Strongly Positive Flat
Nevada Strongly Positive Flat
New Hampshire Moderately Negative Strongly Positive
New Jersey Strongly Negative Moderately Negative
New Mexico Flat Strongly Positive
New York Flat Strongly Negative
North Carolina Moderately Positive Moderately Negative
North Dakota Flat Flat
Ohio Flat Flat
Oklahoma Strongly Positive Strongly Negative
Oregon Moderately Negative Strongly Positive
Pennsylvania Strongly Positive Moderately Negative
Rhode Island Strongly Negative Moderately Negative
South Carolina Strongly Positive Flat
South Dakota Flat Moderately Negative
Tennessee Flat Strongly Negative
Texas Strongly Positive Flat
Utah Flat Flat
Vermont Strongly Negative Strongly Positive
Virginia Strongly Negative Moderately Positive
Washington Strongly Positive Strongly Negative
West Virginia Strongly Negative Strongly Negative
Wisconsin Moderately Negative Strongly Positive
Wyoming Moderately Positive Strongly Positive

Forefront Economics Inc. has been providing professional consulting services to clients for 12 years, specializing in quantitative market analysis, reporting, statistical analysis, and econometric modeling and forecasting. Consulting services offered by Forefront Economics are designed to help clients make greater use of their operating and customer information to gain competitive advantage. Forefront Economics offers a unique combination of traditional and state-of-the-art analytical tools to help clients gain insights from data.

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