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LEBANON, NJ — (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “What will you do if you lose your job?” David O. Levine, a director in the imploding telecommunications industry, found himself frequently discussing this question with colleagues and team members.

What Levine learned surprised him. “We all need a Plan B. ‘Increased productivity’ in the news means someone is losing a job – and it might be you or me. We all see what’s happening around us in our industry, but few of us are ready. Even with talented and creative people, often the best of the best, we didn’t have alternate career plans mapped out. In the current business climate, working on your Plan B is part of prudent financial planning.”

Levine suggests, “Worrying won’t help, but taking action will. Build a three-part plan. Your goal is to produce tangible results.” The first part of your plan is to achieve better success in your current job to increase the likelihood of staying employed. Part two involves taking care of yourself and your family. “Transitions and job losses bring stress,” so Levine encourages, “Get you and your family in better shape for whatever the future brings.” Finally, develop your career plan for the future. Take time to explore your options, goals, and potential.

The following steps will get you started:

Do even better at your job

* Regularly monitor your progress towards written objectives with your boss.
* Tune up your wardrobe: replace a few of the oldest pieces with new ones.
* Tidy your work space: clean and de-clutter.
* Expand your network of lunch partners and meet with them regularly. Know where your company is growing. Consider a transfer.
* Take a class or read a book: a typing software CD costs about $30 and could improve your effectiveness. A “For Dummies” book about a software package costs about $20.

Take care of yourself and your family

* Have dinner as a family as often as you can. Practice your listening skills.
* Do something physical as a family at least once a week: a hike, a bike ride, a walk around the neighborhood.
* Exercise.
* Lose 5 pounds if you need to.
* Schedule time regularly for an activity you enjoy.

Develop a plan for the future

* Read the latest version of the book, What Color is My Parachute
* Get a notebook for use as a diary and idea book. Keep it nearby for referral and to jot down your thoughts. Date your entries.
* Update your resume. Choose someone you trust who has changed jobs recently as your editor.
* Set regular appointments with yourself to work on your plan for steps you will take if you lose your job.

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David O. Levine is a certified professional coach and speaker. He can be reached at David @ or 908-758-0832.

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