RALEIGH, N.C., Sept. 25, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — An easy, affordable way to access a team of experts focused on solving problems and moving forward is now an option for nonprofit organizations across the country. Recognizing the common challenges facing nonprofits, such as limited budgets and bandwidths, North Carolina-based My Change Agent (MCA) has taken notice of a concept known as a flash organization. The result: the Capacity Building Consortium.

My Change Agent
Often referred to as a “pop-up employer,” a flash organization is created to solve a problem quickly and effectively. When a flash organization works well, research has shown that goal-oriented teams quickly impact change.

This concept is being used in the software technology and pharmaceutical sectors, but MCA co-founders Carolyn Naseer and Erin Spencer see tremendous need in the nonprofit sector.

“Nonprofits work tirelessly to meet the needs of communities they serve,” Naseer said. “We are providing an affordable and effective way to help Executive Directors and their teams focus on solving problems in order to make positive, measurable impact that is critical to expanding services and meeting their mission.”

The Capacity Building Consortium uses a one-of-a-kind subscription-based model to enroll nonprofits — regardless of size. Over time, members will receive an action plan to diversify donor streams, a documented succession plan, a process for managing volunteers, compliance with Human Resource regulations, and recruitment of qualified board members. In addition, employee health and wellness challenges and opportunities for staff development are included.

Enrollment is now open for the first cohort.

About My Change Agent:

My Change Agent (MCA) offers small businesses, nonprofits, universities, foundations, and startups access to on-demand teams created to solve problems while saving time and money. MCA’s services include research administration, human resources, capacity building, and employee health and wellbeing.

Learn more: https://www.mychangeagent.co/

The Capacity Building Consortium is a one-of-a-kind subscription-based model available specifically to nonprofits. The consortium is a simple, affordable way to quickly assemble a purpose-driven team. MCA’s mission is to make a positive impact in our community, where we live, work and play.

Learn more: https://www.mychangeagent.co/capacity-building-consortium

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