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MOUNT VERNON, Wash. – July 7 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — PreViser Corporation ( announces a major enhancement to their Oral Health Information Suite(tm), incorporating a new tool designed to assess risk for oral cancer.

“With a disease like oral cancer, early detection is vital for successful treatment,” says Carl Loeb, CEO of PreViser. “Our technology allows dentists to easily determine oral cancer risk, while producing individualized patient risk information that can guide the decision to conduct more expensive and invasive testing if risk is found to be elevated. Applying our tool’s risk assessment capability to oral cancer is a significant step in helping to prevent this serious disease.”

The number of new cases of oral cancer annually exceeds 28,000 (2% of all types of cancer), and annual deaths total more than 7,000 (1% of all cancer deaths). The good news is that the likelihood of successful treatment is excellent if the disease is detected in its early stages. The bad news is that oral cancer is frequently detected only after it has progressed to an advanced stage, when the patient experiences symptoms and visual signs are readily apparent to the dentist. More bad news is that the 5-year survival rate is less than 60% and has remained unchanged for decades. PreViser’s technology is designed to identify patients at elevated risk of disease, so that they can be more thoroughly examined.

“56% of all patients treated for oral cancer survive five years,” reports Dr. John Martin, Chief Science Officer for PreViser. “However the percentage of patients that survive 5 years is 82% when cancer is localized, 46% when regional, and only 21% when it has spread to a distant site. Hence, preventing disease is most desirable, followed by diagnosis and treatment at the earliest possible stage.”

The solution is periodic risk assessment for oral cancer, achieved through use of PreViser’s software. Dr. Martin states, “This is a significant improvement in the detection and prevention of oral cancer by suggesting intervals for routine and enhanced diagnostic tests and preventive interventions based on risk, rather than waiting for the disease to become obvious.”

OHIS(tm) Oral Cancer Risk Assessment requires no expensive or unusual testing; it simply gathers data about the patient’s risk factors, then generates a printable report including a numeric risk score and recommendations targeted to the existing risk factors. The report informs patients of their risk of oral cancer, including what they can do to prevent or detect the disease at the earliest possible stage. Web sites are listed where a patient can acquire more information about oral cancer and its treatment. Knowing a patient’s risk level enables the dentist to recommend appropriate care, such as more frequent examination or further testing with diagnostic technology specifically developed for this purpose.

The Oral Cancer Risk Assessment tool is a component of the Oral Health Information Suite(tm), version 2.1. The OHIS(tm) offers a range of products in one convenient application. With version 2.1, the tools included allow dental clinicians to create accurate, objective, and quantitative reports to identify periodontal risk and disease, tooth risk (caries, fracture, and root defects), and oral cancer risk.

PreViser Corporation provides web-enabled diagnostic decision support tools for dentists and dental hygienists.

The PreViser Oral Health Information Suite(tm) enables quick, accurate, reproducible and objective diagnosis in an easy-to-understand format for the dental professional and the patient. To learn more about PreViser or to download the software for free, visit

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