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Addmotor's story began in 2011 in El Monte, California. Born with the mission of designing and manufacturing the top-quality electric bikes for everyone. We have spent years perfecting, tweaking, and designing our electric tricycles & electric bicycles to suit the diverse needs of customers. Along the way, we have gained a passionate, adventurous, and loyal community of riders. We are proud to be a part of Addrider’s family and hope more and more riders will join us and enjoy such a low-carbon and fun way to travel!

Addmotor is a renowned manufacturer of etrikes dedicated to providing high-quality, innovative, and reliable products to adventure seekers worldwide. With a commitment to exceptional design, performance, and customer satisfaction, Addmotor continues to push the boundaries of electric mobility, empowering riders to explore their world with freedom and excitement.


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Introducing The M-340T Electric Trike From Addmotor: The Perfect Etrike For Urban Commuters

M-340T Electric Trike From Addmotor

EL MONTE, Calif., June 16, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Addmotor, a fast-growing manufacturer of electric mobility solutions, is thrilled to unveil its latest creation, the Grandtan M-340T Electric Trike. Designed specifically for urban commuters, this cutting-edge etrike is set to revolutionize how people travel within the cityscape. It offers a convenient, eco-friendly, and stylish transportation solution that enhances daily commuting experiences.

Addmotor’s M-330F Electric Trike: The Ultimate Companion For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Addmotor M-330F Electric Trike

EL MONTE, Calif., June 16, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Addmotor, a rapidly expanding electric vehicle company, is delighted to unveil the latest upgrade to its Triketan M-330F electric trike, designed to redefine the riding experience for outdoor enthusiasts of all levels. Engineered with a combination of power, versatility, and ruggedness, this etrike provides the ultimate companion for all your outdoor adventures.