FREDERICK, Md., March 31, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Regent Education today announced a strategic partnership with N2N Services to streamline data integration processes and reduce the time needed to bring schools live on Regent’s industry-leading financial aid management solution, Regent 8. The partnership will leverage N2N’s integration cloud to create Student Information System (SIS) adapters that streamline the implementation process, enabling institutions to recognize the return on investment of Regent 8 in less time.

Regent 8 is the industry’s only financial aid management solution to fully support non-traditional enrollment models, including: borrower based, non-term and competency-based. As institutions move to more flexible and student-centric learning models, they are faced with the need to move away from traditional models that are time-bound, something that cannot be supported by other financial aid management solutions. With Regent 8, schools have the flexibility they need to offer any enrollment model, while also driving efficiency, compliance and service through advanced automation.

“Many of our customers have a very immediate need to re-engineer their Title IV administrative processes,” said Randy Jones, CEO of Regent Education. “In some cases the necessity is based on the need to reduce operating costs, and in other cases it is the need to support non-traditional models like competency based. Our current SIS integration process requires involvement from school IT departments, and limited IT resources at the institution can result in a delay in the deployment of Regent 8. Our partnership with N2N will help schools overcome this issue, reflecting our continuing commitment to efficiency in both the implementation and administration of financial aid.”

The partnership will result in leveraging N2N integration APIs for N2N’s “Dataport” edition that will support data integration with management of the connected data for the various SISs utilized by Regent’s customers. These adapters will create a repeatable process that will reduce resource needs for both Regent and the institutions they serve. N2N’s ability to support cloud-based solutions was critical in meeting Regent’s needs, as all of Regent’s products are delivered via the cloud. N2N’s experience with a wide variety of SISs was also a critical factor in the identification of a partnership opportunity.

“We are very excited to be partnered with an industry leader like Regent Education,” said Kiran Kodithala, CEO of N2N. “It is difficult to find software providers in higher education, particularly in the financial aid space, that are utilizing the latest technology. By leveraging our suite of integration and application services and coupling those services with Regent 8, we will be providing schools with a rapid deployment option, making the experience more efficient and less costly.”

As the higher education community transitions to more complex enrollment models, they must adapt their administrative systems accordingly. The ability of both Regent and N2N to deliver advanced technology solutions that overcome administrative and technical challenges makes this a very natural partnership.

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About N2N:
N2N Services is focused on the higher education market and is working to transform education by bringing schools and their current or legacy systems to the cloud. N2N Services specializes in integrating SaaS and on-premises applications with its N2N Integration Cloud to provide a seamless and secure environment to help make data work for your organization.

About Regent:
Regent Education is a leading provider of software solutions that have revolutionized financial aid management and enrollment processes for schools using BBAY and non-term enrollment models. Regent traces its beginnings to the founding of Computing Options, a student information system provider, in 1984. In 2006, a team of entrepreneurs incorporated Regent to acquire Computing Options as a platform for a standalone financial aid management system. Today, Regent 8, the eighth version of Regent’s financial aid management system, is the only solution that provides end-to-end automation for non-term, nonstandard term, and standard academic years. Regent SNAP enables schools to provide estimated awards to prospective students in 15 minutes or less, a process that normally takes days or weeks.

Regent is a nationally-recognized leader in results-driven enrollment optimization and financial aid management solutions-solutions that are web-based, easy-to-use, and interoperate with any existing student information system. Regent offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools that help institutions increase enrollment, improve retention, speed student processing, mitigate compliance risks and deliver bottom-line results. Learn more at:

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