ATLANTA, Ga., Jan. 10, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Urbanstylz announced today that “Resolution Song” will be released nationwide. The film’s underlying faith, family, and racial components will resonate with all communities. Directed by award-winning Film Director, Antonio James (“Trey,” 2013), “Resolution Song” was acquired by Sony Pictures affiliate, Smith Global Media, in 2016 and will be released via Sony Pictures Home Entertainment division February 6, 2018.

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Beginning January 8, 2018, “Resolution Song” became available for preorder on “Resolution Song” will also be available February 6, 2018 in all brick and mortar stores, including: Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy.

To request an interview, or propose a screening, please contact Director Antonio James (see more information below).

The new trailer can be seen here:

“Resolution Song,” a dramatic faith-based film, follows Margaret (played by Kevin Hart’s ex-wife Torrei Hart), a submissive stay-at-home mom, as her family copes with the tragic death of her eldest son. Margaret struggles to keep her cheating husband (Lester Speight) and emotionally strained family, from losing faith.

Commenting on the release, “I obtained a script about faith and family, but created so much more,” said Antonio James, award-winning “Resolution Song” Director. “Faith is always challenged, yet no one talks about how the family can be THE reason you lose faith.” He concluded, “’Resolution Song’ shows that dynamic.”

“Resolution Song” completed production in 2016 as race, social division and sexual transgressions echoed throughout America. In 2017, America became the forefront of race, social division, and sexual transgressions, all of which is part of the film’s theme and appeal.

With America’s bipolar social climate into consideration, Resolution Song exposes racial tension, challenges faith, and directly questions the dynamics of the family structure by exploring the aftermath of a tragic situation. Within “Resolution Song,” no one is exempt of this tragedy, and similar to today, it is everyone responsibility to reclaim his or her faith and forgive thy neighbor. The film also stars John J. York (General Hospital), Kennedy Slocum (Nickelodeon’s Witz Academy), and Ella Joyce (Set It Off).

Director Antonio James serves as president of Urbanstylz – an African-American multimedia company that distributes, produces, and acquires independent films and music from around the world with autonomous relationships. Urbanstylz is appended to several media companies such as Smith Global Media and Rock Em Hard the label. Antonio James has released two feature films, including “Resolution Song,” which has won dozens of film festival awards. For more information and tour dates, go to:

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