SAN FERNANDO, Calif., Aug. 9, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Home Solar Simplified, a trailblazing force in the solar sector, emerges as a beacon of innovation under the guidance of Solar Consultant Freddie Avila, H.I.S. License 145325 SP. Nestled in the vibrant heart of San Fernando Valley, Home Solar Simplified is rewriting the narrative of solar energy, emphasizing education, transparency, and unwavering dedication.

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Freddie Avila’s steadfast resolve is a direct response to the concerning proliferation of misleading solar advertisements that often lead homeowners astray.

“We’ve witnessed an influx of deceptive ‘zero down’ installations, often tied to leases or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), leaving homeowners uninformed about the true consequences,” shares Freddie Avila. “Home Solar Simplified is a guiding light, offering authentic insights to empower homeowners.”

The focus is to get you away from paying the electricity companies, so why would you enter into another 25-to-30-year contract? There are other options, Cash, 12 month – 21-month 0% intro APR, 21 months from account opening, low interest credit union loans, P.A.C.E. and HELOC.

The foundation of Home Solar Simplified is fortified by a striking statistic: Just in the United States, hundreds of solar companies have filed for bankruptcy due to various reasons, including poor-quality service, mismanagement of funding, and inadequate branding and marketing efforts, since 2016. Freddie Avila stands resolutely as a pillar of stability, determined to usher in a new era of reliable solar solutions. “Home Solar Simplified is a response to the industry’s turbulent landscape, providing a dependable haven for homeowners seeking true partnership and support.”

Guided by meticulous research and a commitment to enduring transformation, Freddie Avila authored a comprehensive book that encapsulates his wisdom and experience. Home Solar Simplified – “The Solar Business Blueprint: Simplified Strategies for Running a Profitable Home Solar Company” (ISBN: 979-8854500227) delves into essential business and community culture aspects that ensure the survival and prosperity of solar companies in a constantly evolving market. The book, available on Amazon, stands as a testament to Freddie Avila’s unwavering dedication to industry growth.

Home Solar Simplified’s commitment to innovation extends further. An advanced app, currently in completion stages, will offer homeowners four distinct communication options to seamlessly connect with Freddie Avila throughout the solar process and beyond. This cutting-edge platform elevates the homeowner’s experience, providing personalized support and guidance at every stage of the solar journey.

Freddie Avila is not just a consultant; he is a solar advocate who demonstrates how to recoup your solar investment in under 10 years and circumvent the pitfalls of lengthy leases that can complicate home sales. With Home Solar Simplified, homeowners can confidently embrace a future powered by sustainable energy.

Combating Deceptive Practices:

Home Solar Simplified is at the forefront of combating misleading marketing tactics. Guided by Freddie Avila, homeowners navigate the solar landscape with clarity, distinguishing between leases, PPAs, and ownership-driven installations.

A Sanctuary of Trust:

Home Solar Simplified’s exclusive partnerships with reputable solar companies shield homeowners from volatility. Freddie Avila ensures that the installation process is managed by seasoned experts, mitigating the risk of sudden closures.

Empowerment through Knowledge:

Empowerment through knowledge is the cornerstone of Home Solar Simplified. The platform serves as an educational haven, featuring videos, podcasts, and articles that enlighten homeowners on the solar journey, driven by Freddie Avila’s commitment to transparency.

Tailored Guidance:

Home Solar Simplified extends personalized support via an innovative app, Zoom consultations, and a user-friendly contact form. Freddie Avila’s approach guarantees homeowners receive thoughtfully curated proposals tailored to their individual needs.

Building Resilient Communities:

Freddie Avila’s vision extends beyond individual interactions. Homeowners unite on Nextdoor, forming a community dedicated to sustainable living and ethical solar choices.

Addressing Trust Issues:

Notably, Freddie Avila addresses a critical concern—some solar dealers’ partner with installers marred by abysmal Google Reviews and BBB complaints. Home Solar Simplified dispels doubts by fostering relationships only with reputable companies, ensuring homeowners’ confidence.

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Freddie Avila’s commitment to advancing the industry shines through “The Solar Business Blueprint: Simplified Strategies for Operating a Profitable Home Solar Company.” Join the movement with Home Solar Simplified and embark on a transformative solar journey.

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