DAYTON, Ohio, Feb. 10, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — With Valentine’s Day approaching, our thoughts turn to lovers, yet no love is more enduring than the love that has lasted a lifetime. These loves have held hands through the joys and heartaches of child-rearing, financial hardships, social and policy reforms, wars, and the physical ravages of age. Nothing could tear these lasting loves apart, except illness or injury. After spending a lifetime together, couples that have been separated by the chasm of the nursing home suffer the serious medical consequences of a literal broken heart. For nearly a decade, Right at Home – Dayton In-Home Care and Assistance has been keeping these loves together in their homes, supporting each other and spending time together, sometimes the last precious moments of their lives.

Unfortunately, couples in the twilight of their lives who are forced apart by long term care facilities suffer separation anxiety. Frequently, nursing homes and long-term care facilities are so short staffed that they cannot accompany couples to spend time together. This simple, merciful act is overlooked in the care plan, and if it is requested, it costs extra. After a lifetime of support and holding each other’s hands, their only choices are to pay up or live apart, mourning each other’s loss. Should only one spouse be placed in the nursing home, the other spouse may be at the mercy of others for transportation in order to spend time with their beloved.

Science has linked emotional health and grief induced stress to the decline in physical health and heart problems, literal Broken Heart Syndrome from the figurative broken heart. The lasting pain of separation may lead to other ailments as well, and to the loss of will to survive. Many times, when one partner dies, another succumbs shortly afterward. Separation is especially damaging to the Alzheimer’s patients, in which the familiarity of home and loved ones is a lifeline to their precious memories. Alzheimer’s impairs memory, thought, speech, and orientation. Daily consistency, one primary care-giver in their own home, and the comforting presence of their beloved will contribute to a more calm and productive environment.

Love does last forever. We are witnesses to it in the love that has kept our parents and grandparents together for many decades. Right at Home-Dayton has extensive experience in keeping senior lovers together at home, and can tailor a care plan that can be expanded or scaled back based on the needs of the family.

This cupid company’s mission is to help senior loves a lifetime live together in the privacy, security and comfort of their own home.

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