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CINCINNATI, OH /Send2Press Newswire/ — One might not expect small businesses to be pushing the envelope in terms of using video to market online, but they are. Small to mid-size businesses nationwide have turned to Internet Video Commercials for the first time this year. “The use of internet video as a promotional tool is one of the fastest growing segments of the internet,” explains Jim Schmidt, president of eMediaGroup, Inc.

“The Internet Video Commercial has finally become a realistic option for advertisers because of the tremendous surge in high-speed internet access which is ideal for watching video online,” explains Mr. Schmidt. According to Pew Institute, high-speed internet access is now used in 51% of U.S. homes, outpacing slower dial-up connections for the first time.

Small businesses are attracted to Internet Video Commercials for several reasons. First, they are an affordable alternative to running expensive TV ads and allow small company’s with limited advertising resources to stretch their budgets. Second, they can be seen twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Third, they can be tightly targeted to people interested in the topic being discussed.

Small businesses can take advantage of these great benefits by using services provided by companies like eMediaGroup, Inc. ).

“We provide small business owners with a valuable service because many of them can’t afford the $5,000 per month it takes to adequately advertise on cable TV stations. Internet Video Commercials enable small businesses to run the same high quality video ads, twenty-four hours a day on their own websites for just $35 per month, this is a real value to any small business,” according to Schmidt.

To help small businesses use this service effectively, eMediaGroup, Inc. has developed a proprietary video player that can be seen by 98% of internet users without video downloads or plug-ins. They are also given access to a sophisticated email-marketing tool that enables them to broadcast their Internet Video Commercials via email directly to thousands of potential buyers. Email campaigns can also be tracked to see how many people have viewed the video.

“This built-in tracking allows business owners to make intelligent marketing decisions. This type of detailed analysis is not possible with traditional TV advertising. It is a win-win situation for small businesses seeking affordable, yet powerful marketing options,” Schmidt continued.

“Not only are Internet Video Commercials more affordable, they also enable small businesses to say more than they can in a traditional thirty-second TV ad. Internet Video Commercials can actually be several minutes in length and are available to potential clients day or night, making them very effective,” explains Mr. Schmidt.

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eMediaGroup, Inc. combines audio/video production, state-of-the-art technology and video streaming services to help small to mid-sized businesses market online.


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