HOUSTON, Texas, Jan. 5, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we live, operate and interact. And for many gym aficionados, it’s taken a toll on the activity they enjoy most. That is now changing, thanks to Social Gym Club – a new and innovative virtual gym that allows users to get fit, have fun, and socialize.

Social Gym Club

“Our club is created to give individuals with a commitment to living life to the fullest, an opportunity to create meaningful connections worldwide in the comfort of their own home virtually and at live face-to-face events,” said founder Charlene Taylor.

Taylor, a two-time bodybuilding champion and top 10 national fitness competitor, started the Social Gym Club after giving birth to her daughter, then realizing she had put her love of working out on the back burner.

“The club is in alignment with who I am and what I’ve been up to my whole life. Social Gym Club allows me to incorporate what I love doing the most, which is working out and connecting with people. It provides an intimacy and connection building platform for health and fitness enthusiasts,” Taylor said.

ether you’re a novice just starting out, or a seasoned gym pro, Social Gym Club will provide a home for all your athletic needs, all while allowing you to connect and create new friendships. Busy professionals eager to incorporate workouts in their schedules, new moms ready to transform their bodies, couples ecstatic to build intimacy, fitness lovers looking for a health coach or pro trainer, celebrities looking for a quick workout or exclusive session, are all finding a home in Social Gym Club. Members can take virtual or in-person yoga, kickboxing, Pilates, cycling and cardio classes, as well as participate in on-going events.

“With Social Gym Club, people who like to work out have the ability to do so remotely, especially during COVID when gyms are closing. We have fitness classes online where people can jump on and work out with people all around the world,” Taylor added.

Taylor says members especially like the dating element of the site.

“A lot of times people are looking for active individuals who are into health and fitness like themselves. There’s no platform for that, so they end up just randomly going on dating sites, then meeting people who are not in shape and it’s a disappointment or letdown. The Social Gym Club gives like-minded people who are into health and fitness, a platform to meet and connect; to socially engage,” Taylor said. “In addition, with the pandemic, being active is important for both physical and emotional health. And for those people who are very busy, they can’t get to a gym, they can work out right from their home.”

The Social Gym Club is the best fitness social club for extraordinary active individuals that desire to stay fit, be active and engage with people all around the world.

Visit https://socialgymclub.com/ for more information.

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