WINTERS, Calif., May 13, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Modern Mammoth Technologies, LLC, is announcing the launch of a unique nasal respirator to provide more protection to more people-especially the frontline heroes. Modern Mammoth is a startup founded by two veterinarians, Dr’s Valerie Fournier and Alejandro Garcia.

Hero Mammoth is an air filtration device that can use a wide array of filters
Hero Mammoth is an air filtration device that can use a wide array of filters, including N95 and high MERV. This device is versatile, extraordinarily comfortable and most of all, it is unique in the fact that keeps your mouth free to communicate.

Their team conceptualized and designed a nose-focused respirator after one of the founders was exposed to wildfire smoke at the Camp Fire in 2018 while working as a volunteer veterinary responder.

Hero Mammoth uses anatomically focused design to integrate a nasal dilator and detachable respirator. This focused design means less filter material is needed, resulting in a more eco-friendly and economical solution.

“Right now, face masks are being reinvented in many different ways. Hero isn’t designed to replace a face mask-it’s something which can be used with a mask for an extra level of protection, or on its own. It’s a whole different product,” says Dr. Fournier.

After the 2018 California wildfire season, the effect of breathing in smoke and other contaminants became evident. Lingering cough, fatigue, and headaches were all common complaints.

“It was serendipity really. Previously, we had been working on a nasal dilator to help us breathe better while hiking and last year, while testing, we discovered the unique weight-bearing properties of this device. Now, it became our core technology and base to produce the nasal respirator,” said Dr. Garcia.

Since early 2019, work on Hero nasal respirator and Silent Mammoth, the nose dilator, has plugged along. Then at the end of the year, tragedy in the form of SARS-COV2 struck.

Dr. Fournier, who also holds a degree in public health said, “Part of the veterinarians’ oath is to protect the public health, and we are scaling our efforts to bring this to production as soon as possible.”

Dr. Garcia agrees. “I want people to be able to go to work and feel protected. I want it to be affordable. I don’t want them to be constrained to having to buy expensive filters through us, and wait for it to get there. If they only have 1900 filters-they can use that! I want people to feel safe. We can’t go forward like this, really. We can’t wear masks all day, all the time,” says Dr Garcia.

The respirator is specially designed to be taken apart, cleaned, and reused. This lessens environmental impact, leading to less discard in the landfills.

The cartridges can be loaded with any filter material, and it only takes minimal skill with a pair of scissors. Simply cut a small strip to fit and wrap the inner cartridge. The external clip protects the filter material so it lasts longer and you don’t have to touch it.

The facial gasket is soft foam with an internal stainless-steel structure and additional foam sealing strip around the edge. The user can bend the gasket and apply the sealing strip as best suits them, which leads to a better fit. Most users can tell if they have a gap and adjust the gasket to compensate.

This nose respirator also includes the option of a copper mesh insert to protect the filter material. Copper has been shown through extensive research to have broad antimicrobial qualities.

Thus far the project has been self-financed. To begin mass production they decided to reach out for help. Due to the current COVID-19 situation, many traditional avenues such as face to face networking aren’t possible.

In these times, adaptability is key, which is why a Kickstarter campaign was decided on to get front line funding.

Modern Mammoth will be launching their product for presales on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter on May 19, 2020.

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