KIRKLAND, Wash., May 29, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A new 16-page guide describes a form of insurance designed to protect against financial catastrophe on the heels of catastrophic illness. Titled “Surviving Critical Illness Financially,” the guide is being offered free of charge by LTC Financial Partners, LLC (LTCFP), under a non-exclusive distribution agreement with business partners American Independent Marketing (AIM) and GoldenCare USA, the publishers.

“We’re glad to make this information available from our experts nationwide,” says Denise Gott, LTCFP’s National Sales Manager. “It could help millions better understand their risk of not owning a policy and the options a policy can provide.”

Medical bankruptcy is a huge problem that regular health insurance often does not prevent, according to a 2009 study by Harvard and Ohio University researchers. The team reported that in 2007, more than 60 percent of all U.S. personal bankruptcies were due to medical problems. “Even more shocking,” says Gott, “they found that more than 75 percent of the affected families had health insurance.”

By distributing the guide at no cost, LTCFP hopes to help more people enjoy the secure future they deserve, with their retirement assets intact. The guide answers questions such as the following:
* How likely is it that I or a family member will encounter a critical illness?
* What conditions are covered by CI insurance?
* Can I get along with just CI insurance and skip regular insurance?
* Which should I choose: CI insurance, long-term care insurance, or both?

LTCFP, one of America’s most experienced long-term care insurance agencies, has broadened its offerings to include multiple ways of paying for care not adequately covered by Medicare or regular health insurance. “Our tool kit now includes reverse mortgages, annuities, life insurance with LTC Riders, as well as LTC insurance,” says Gott. “Critical Care Insurance is our latest addition.”

The company has also led a movement to make long-term care protection available as an employee benefit. Critical illness insurance, like LTC insurance, helps organizations prosper by reducing absenteeism and loss of productivity due to financial and care-giving concerns.

“Surviving Critical Illness Financially” may be requested from the following LTC specialists:
CA: Phyllis Solgere — 909-627-5587
CA: Laura Weber — 714-674-0190
CA: Sarah Fisher — 510-230-4301
CA: Jim Valentine — 408-792-0540
CA: Petra Petry — 949-351-0347
CA: Art Neibrief — 707-974-8282

CT: Larry Golfin — 860-677-4075
CT: Steve Foss — 860-539-0674
CT: Leonard Wik — 860-432-1870

FL: George Braddock — 305-378-8091
FL: Janet Washburn — 239-404-7590

GA: Belen Hickman — 404-245-2444
GA: Amy Pollock — 404-237-1189

ID: Linda Hicks — 208-331-2803

IL: Cheri Davis — 773-531-0669
IL: Robin Frank — 773-774-2600

IN: Kirk Bennett — 260-969-1310

MI: Tom Varner — 810-796-2405

MN: Jennifer Ragborg — 952-898-2750

MO: Wendy Rinehart — 816-886-2358
MO: Keith Eisberg — 573-303-3007

NE: Larry Heinert — 402-339-8643
NE: Larry Neuwirth — 308-635-2023

NJ: Michael B. FitzPatrick — 862-242-8787
NJ: Richard Landau — 201-476-0880
NJ: James Cundari — 973-450-1074

NY: Steve Brefere — 914-234-7767
NY: Virginia Lee Kintz — 866-582-6074
NY: Sheila White — 631-893-4040
NY: Jennifer Lenihan — 631-262-7167
NY: Susan Lenihan — 631-262-7167
NY: Jay Charno — 516-935-4029
NY: Gene Cutler — 516-869-6767
NY: Michael Robinson — 516-612-4936
NY: Ronald Brie — 212-799-3900
NY: Dana Dee — 716-983-1316
NY: Ray Donnelly — 516-747-1809
NY: Peter Molnar — 800-588-9406

OH: Thomas Hodges — 513-519-6010
OH: John Cullen — 419-797-9210
OH: Pattianne Baran — 216-409-0859
OH: Brenda Gray — 513-541-3968

OK: Samuel Walker — 405-816-0868

OR: Diane Steeves — 503-297-7677

PA: Kevin Bressler — 610-783-6970
PA: Anthony Camill — 412-445-6171
PA: Cathy Allen — 610-588-0852

SC: Madeline Wade — 317-259-4113

TN: Mark Wardell — 901-337-4146

TX: Bill Holland — 817-283-7221
TX: Kay Nettles — 713-466-4614
TX: Kat Roebuck — 281-431-4033
TX: Kim Beckham — 361-579-9663

VA: Linda Sotirion — 757-646-6820
VA: George Polizos — 757-291-8505
VA: Patricia O’Neill — 703-534-3255
VA: Penny Gilbert — 703-281-0914
VA: Michael Zuchowski — 757-467-1354

VT: Tod Warner — 802-985-4930

WA: Christine Khemis — 888-582-5364
WA: Lucille Smith — 206-877-3456

WI: Lynette Schiefer — 920-434-4559

The guide and further educational information are also available at

About LTC Financial Partners:
LTCFP — — is a co-founder and sponsor of the “3 in 4 Need More” campaign, which seeks to alert Americans to the long-term healthcare crisis, and to multiply the number protected by long-term care planning.

*(Photo Caption: LTCFP National Sales Manager Denise Gott)

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