CHICAGO, Ill., June 24, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Swift Homes, a Chicago-based property purchasing company that buys homes for fair prices to rent out to local families and which is backed by a multi-billion-dollar private equity fund, announced its milestone achievement of 20,000 home offers this year, hitting awe-inspiring cash offer numbers to the delight of neighbors across the nation and cementing its reputation as one of America’s largest cash home buyers.

Swift Homes - North Carolina

Being in a unique position to help clients who need to sell their home for any reason, the Swift Homes team boasts the ability to guide the seller through the process and close the transaction quickly, its representatives utilizing a systematic approach that has proven its worth as a valuable tool for sellers in a myriad of transactions. What’s more, because the company buys homes and rents them out, its reps are in a position to provide competitive offers, the Swift Homes team being comprised of members with more than 20 years combined experience buying properties.

“The Swift Homes team has completed transactions on more than 5,000 properties, with an emphasis on single-family homes, and we are so very proud of this latest incredible milestone achievement,” says a Swift Homes senior company representative. “Because we can make cash offers without requiring a visit to a property, our team boasts the ability to close on a seller’s desired timeline, handling all necessary repair work – a tactic that has undoubtedly contributed to this year’s 20,000 home offerings.

“Further, Swift Homes occupies a specific niche in the form of helping homeowners sell their properties with ease, guiding sellers through their straightforward process and closing transactions in a fast and hassle-free manner. Indeed, to label our company a ‘renowned real estate buying entity for numerous reasons’ is something of an understatement.”

The reason why so many sellers work with Swift Homes has to do with the company’s ever-widening presence and vast experience, what with its team operating in more than 100 markets around the U.S., in thousands of cities, in addition to standout elements such as its program that allows sellers to remain in their homes by renting them back from Swift. And, the organization makes a purchase even if a seller is dealing with an investment home with tenants, as the homes are regularly bought to be made available for renting.

The Swift Homes three-step process begins with sellers answering a few questions about their property and company reps preparing an offer, before a home is sold as-is for cash – without the need to worry about repairs. Sellers then have the opportunity to close within 10 days, in a few weeks or longer, and can even pick their specific closing date.

According to Swift Homes personnel, the typical individual selling to the company is any home owner looking to unload a property quickly at a fair and competitive price; he or she may want to sell for a number of reasons, whether it’s not being able to keep up with mortgage payments, a divorce or being behind on taxes. Irrespective of a house needing too much work or someone looking to part with a home that was inherited, Swift Homes buys houses for cash from any home owner – for any reason.

While the company specializes in single-family homes, Swift will work with sellers attempting to unload condos and multi-family/commercial properties.

Swift Homes is located at 875 North Michigan Avenue Suite 3218 in Chicago and can be reached by calling (877) 861-2466. For more information visit or email

News Source: Swift Homes