AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 18, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Edwin Tatum, Founder and CEO of Dallas-based TatumTek, a modular construction firm with offices at 2121 N. Peart St. Suite 300 Dallas, TX 75201, announced today that the company has completed the acquisition of a 64.73 acre tract of land located on the north side of Highway 180 just west of the Lamesa city limits in Lamesa, Texas.

Edwin Tatum - founder TatumTek
PHOTO CAPTION: Edwin Tatum, Founder and CEO of Dallas-based TatumTek, a modular construction firm combining traditional modular building techniques with highly advanced automation and design elements to improve quality of life and create better living for more people.

The site will serve as the future home for TatumTek’s first manufacturing and distribution facility. This facility will use highly advanced fabrication and assembly technologies to build and assemble large modular units for use in residential and commercial construction projects such as single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, and hotels. The company expects to break ground on the $20-million manufacturing facility in the second quarter of 2020.

“Our new production and distribution facility,” explains Tatum, “will incorporate the most advanced modular construction technologies available with hi-tech automation systems to complement approximately 150 highly trained workers. Much like the Lego’s we played with as kids, our system will allow us to produce a variety of products such as single-family homes, apartments and hotels inside the factory and ‘snap’ together once shipped to the site. This can be done 50% faster with equal and sometimes greater strength, without compromising the expectation of the consumer relative to finish-out and amenities. We will soon be able to produce, in Lamesa, a new generation of quality housing for the Permian Basin and the entire state of Texas at costs more aligned with the economic reality of most hard-working Americans.”

“By adding a new reserve of quality housing to the Lamesa market,” Tatum continues, “employees that currently commute long distances each way to work in Lamesa will be able to move their families into the community in which they work. In fact, we expect our first production orders to come from the Vista Park, LLC development, expected to break ground near our facility in early 2020. Vista Park, LLC will include 60-100 beautiful townhomes and up to 400 rental units.”

“It’s very important to me,” Tatum explains, “that the community understands this is not your grandfather’s modular home product, typically thought of as glorified mobile homes or manufactured homes. Housing is the only major industry in the U.S. from which Americans fully accept the product being built outside a factory, eliminating the increased sustainability, strength, and speed benefits other manufacturers derive from having a controlled environment. Can you imagine buying a new Toyota or BMW and the representative says they’ll begin building it in your driveway on Friday? Absolutely not! Our team believes hard-working Americans deserve better and this land acquisition is the first major step in that regard.”

About TatumTek:

TatumTek is an innovative, Dallas-based modular construction firm headed by Founder and CEO Edwin Tatum, combining traditional modular building techniques with highly advanced automation and design elements. At TatumTek, our guiding principal is simple: people come first. We value our people and those we serve. Our advanced modular construction technology (AMCT) dramatically improves production efficiency while reducing the cost for beautiful, functional, value conscious construction.

TatumTek is leading the construction industry to the next generation of quality housing through optimized efficiency while setting a new standard for builders, developers and home buyers that will ultimately improve quality of life for more people. We create better living.

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