TULSA, Okla., Aug. 11, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Judy Stetson, widow, teacher, bodybuilder, and contestant for Ms. Health and Fitness 2020 suits up in a bikini to ride the wave of pandemic changes throughout the Fall school season. The teacher battled memories of 911 emergency calls and widespread stress syndrome from the COVID crisis that took the life of her adult former student.

Judy Stetson as 'Queen Of Swords'
A lucky lady will take home the title Ms. Health and Fitness 2020 and the cover of Muscle and Fitness Hers magazine. The public chooses the winner by votes open until October 8. Ms. Health and Fitness competition donates to the charitable organization Homes for Wounded Warriors that provides assistance to disabled veterans by building or remodeling handicap accessible homes

Millions brace for August Back to School facing uncertainty amidst a pandemic. Many parents plan to spend less on apparel and more on technology. As our nation continues to respond to COVID, September’s National Preparedness Month prods: “Disasters Don’t Wait. Make Your Plan Today.” Plan ahead in case of further waves of COVID during flu season or if a spike in cases triggers another school lockdown. October’s Family Health Month reminds parents to reinforce habits that keep children healthy.

Stetson says, “I’m the widow and sister of two deceased veterans. Emergency responders rushed to our house eight times in one year. We lived in constant crisis. I took up weightlifting, so I’d be able to lift my disabled husband four times a day.”

She took home an issue of Muscle and Fitness Hers and looked at the photos and stories of strong, beautiful women.

“The thought of them as sisters and day after day in the gym getting stronger helped me emerge from a cocoon of despair,” Stetson said. “I’d dry my tears, grit my teeth, ‘alright girl, soldier up.’ I had to get my husband fed, his meds, lifted from bed, get to the bathroom, hosed him down in the shower, bathed, shaved, a fresh diaper, and dressed daily.”

Stetson explained why it is important to support Homes for Wounded Warriors during a pandemic crisis, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful not to feel so isolated? You could be a part of something beautiful that transforms the day-to-day life of a loved one confined at home.”

“Wouldn’t it be amazing to remodel any bathroom with handicap accessible features so an invalid can bathe safely and easily?” she asked.

As a teacher, Stetson fell into what she calls “the grey area of not poor enough to qualify for assistance.” There was no money to remodel their home, medical bills piling up to $110,000, and her earnings going to pay for nursing care.

“We lived in what I consider now as medical poverty. I was on a treadmill of a hot mess,” said Stetson. “As I got stronger, I felt more like Wonder Woman – even when I hit myself upside the head with nunchucks. I show and tell my students to make fitness a fun adventure full of twists and turns. I’m such a newbie to social media, but even a teacher must ride the wave, learn new ways to communicate.”

Stetson, a self-professed sci-fi nerd, picks up a “Star Wars” inspired lightsaber. The once-upon-a-time Miss Valentine pageant queen twirls the sword and lunges forward, “I manifest Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to appear with me inside Muscle and Fitness magazine,” she sends out her dream to the Universe. “I visualize $110,000 as if by magic. Earth angels join me and shine the light for Homes for Wounded Warriors.”

Stetson sweeps the sword through the air with her red, white & blue star-spangled wish. Swoosh! Public support for the first English teacher to win Ms. Health and Fitness 2020 VOTE by contestant first name.

Learn more about Judy at: https://mshealthandfitness.com/2020/judy

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*Caption: Judy Stetson as “Queen Of Swords” for Ms. Health and Fitness Title.

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