MIAMI, Fla., Oct. 29, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Answer and control phone calls, text via voice, listen to music, receive notifications and access WhatsApp without taking your phone out of your pocket, while still being able to hear the world around you. Say hello to Lucyd Loud (

Lucyd Loud Smart Eyewear
Lucyd® Loud is an innovative and useful prescription-compatible Bluetooth “soundglass.” Traditional headphones send sound through your eardrums-Lucyd Loud uses bone conduction technology to deliver clear, open-ear sound to the wearer, and brings the functions of a Bluetooth headset to great-looking, comfortable eyewear. Moreover, you may also use voice commands to trigger specific functions through your smartphone assistant e.g., Siri. Lucyd Loud combines headphones, a Bluetooth headset and glasses into one device.

Singapore-based Lucyd PTE LTD recently launched Lucyd Loud. “The mission of Lucyd is to upgrade your eyewear, with the style and technology that fits you perfectly,” said Lucyd co-founder, Harrison Gross.

Recognizing the importance of an in-house optometrist, Lucyd has retained the support of Dr. Ira Clement, who has over 40 years of experience in the practice of optometry. He has served as President of the Westchester-Rockland-Putnam Optometric Society, and is a current member of the New York State and American Optometric Associations. Dr. Clement is available to answer customer questions regarding eye health and wellness.

An eShop to provide the latest and greatest:

To deliver Lucyd Loud, the company launched an eShop at that features cutting-edge spectacles and smartglasses. The Lucyd platform makes it easy for anyone to acquire the most advanced prescription eyewear available.

The eShop has a number of unique benefits over other eyewear shops, including: prompt, free FedEx delivery in the U.S., advanced eyewear such as Bluetooth “soundglasses” available with any prescription, nearly indestructible Turboflex® frames, a sophisticated yet easy to use virtual try-on app, a vast number of lens options including blue light blocking and Rx sunglass, free consultation with an experienced in-house optometrist, who is on hand to answer questions about eye care, the ability to purchase smartglasses with cryptocurrency in addition to USD, industry leading prices for progressive prescriptions, and a planned loyalty program based on Lucyd’s LCD token.

Lucyd glasses can be obtained almost anywhere in the world, including Europe and Asia. Just recently, Lucyd formed an alliance with a Brazilian optical retailer to accelerate distribution of Lucyd products in Latin America. Lucyd is becoming the new force in the industry for individuals seeking to upgrade their eyewear.

Can your prescription glasses do this?

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