PASADENA, Calif., Sept. 1, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — College is a completely different world from High School. It can be a stressful and, at times, unhappy environment for those struggling to make the adjustment, says Live ADHD Free founder Carol Gignoux, M. Ed. For those students with ADHD, it may even be more so.

Carol Gignoux and Live ADHD Free

With high pressure to get good grades and a lower level of individualized support, college expectations can stretch a teen’s resources, with or without ADHD. Add to these issues the fact of remote and distance learning from home or school, and you have another potential layer of challenge and frustration.

Because having or not having the right study habits can lead to college success or failure, it is important to learn them in High School or at the very latest, the first semester Freshman year.

As we now understand the impact of distance learning on families and students, helping students navigate this new normal will require a unique set of strategies and support in addition to problems caused by bad habits and behaviors such as:

  • Giving in to distractions
  • Missing deadlines
  • Poor test preparation
  • Trouble getting started
  • Attempting to complete assignments last minute
  • Not maintaining the right work environment

Carol Gignoux, M. Ed., author of “Your Innovator Brain: The Truth About ADHD,” has developed a quiz that will help all teens, parents of teens, and those with ADHD, assess their preparedness for the college environment.

It can be taken here:

After taking the quiz, the teen or parent who discovers that more help is needed will be referred to Carol’s programs where they can contact Carol to ask questions before signing up.

About Carol Gignoux and Live ADHD Free:

Carol Gignoux, M. Ed., author of “Your Innovator Brain: The Truth About ADHD,” is one of the foremost thought leaders on the subject of ADHD and other innovator brain types. She founded Live ADHD Free to help her clients – children, teenagers, college students, adults, executives and couples struggling with ADHD or executive function issues – lead orderly, happy lives in the classroom, office, and home.

Drawing from her decades of hands-on experience and cutting-edge research, she provides valuable tools and success strategies for those who face issues with maintaining focus and concentration, time management, procrastination, impulsivity, and other disruptive symptoms of ADHD. After working with Carol, you will know your unique gifts, be able to express your true talents, and successfully achieve a more stress-free and fulfilling life.

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