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LAKE ZURICH, IL (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Travel expert Fred Brenner is able to provide entertaining and informative answers and explanations to your audience to forty fascinating and thought-provoking brainteasers devised by Brenner related to U.S. and Canadian travel and geography. Brenner has traveled on two-lane roads in all fifty U.S. states as well as in nearly every province and territory of Canada. He devised the questions and discovered their little-known answers through his extensive travels, study of maps, and by performing detailed research.

* BRAINTEASER #1) Which Great Lakes state has bayous reminiscent of the Deep South?

* BRAINTEASER #2) Which state is not divided into counties or parishes?

* BRAINTEASER #3) In which Canadian province will you find palm trees?

The remaining 37 brainteasers appear further below.

Brenner is a 34-year-old lifelong traveler of the backroads of the United States and Canada. Traveling on one or more two-lane highways in each state was a lifelong goal he completed in 2004. Brenner believes that his life purpose is to travel and to explore the United States and Canada, and to use his travel knowledge to assist others.

Brenner is a graduate of Lake Forest College. He got his start as a travel expert by writing, self-publishing, marketing, and selling travel reports about U.S. and Canadian backroads. He is a published travel writer, specializing in off-the-beaten-path as well as popular travel destinations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Brenner has had feature articles published about him due to his expertise in U.S. and Canadian backroads travel.

*(Photo Caption: Fred Brenner in 2003 at Athabasca Falls in Canada’s Jasper National Park.)

Visitors to will learn of the travel-related services and products Brenner provides to his clients. Brenner performs intensive research to find answers to perplexing travel-related questions for which his clients need answers. Brenner also creates detailed road trip itineraries and fly-drive itineraries. His itineraries route people along not just interstate highways (ideal for long hauls across the Corn Belt), but also along uncrowded and scenic two-lane state, federal, and provincial highways. Customers will be routed through quaint hamlets as well as bustling cities, mountains and prairies, forests and deserts, along lakeshores as well as coastlines.

Brenner does not just give a long routing for one’s entire trip without breaking down the itinerary into individual days. Rather, he breaks the itinerary into as many days as the traveler wishes to travel, while keeping daily mileage to a manageable level. For each individual day of his customers’ trips, Brenner devises a daily routing as well as a daily mileage and attractions to see each day.

Contact Fred Brenner so that he may enlighten and entertain your audience by providing answers and explanations to his brainteasers listed above and below.


* 4) Name a southeastern state that stretches nearly as far west as Chicago’s longitude.

* 5) Which body of water are you paralleling when you drive on scenic two-lane Minnesota 61?

* 6) Which state has been home in various eras to Abraham Lincoln, Colonel Sanders, and Janet Jackson?

* 7) Montauk, New York, located at the eastern tip of Long Island, is closer to which two New England states than it is to New York City?

* 8) Where is the boundary between Illinois and Michigan? Can it be reached by road?

* 9) Name two states sharing a 60-mile-long border without any paved roads crossing the state line.

* 10) Name two Great Plains states that contain portions of the Piney Woods of the American South as well as mountains.

* 11) TRUE OR FALSE: Alaska and Hawaii have interstate highways.

* 12) Where is the Madawaska Republic? What language are you like to hear spoken there?

* 13) Which body of water is at the point where Minnesota, Ontario and Manitoba meet?

* 14) What do Detroit and El Paso have in common locationwise?

* 15) Henry and Gerald have shared the same last name, have resided in the same Midwestern state, and each have a museum devoted to him in that state. What is their common surname and what is their common state?

* 16) Which Canadian province has a desert? What is the name of this desert? Which states also contain portions of this northern desert?

* 17) Name at least one Pacific island in the U.S.A which has desert on its west side.

* 18) Name a Southern state that has northern spruce-fir forests.

* 19) Canada dips as far south as Chicago’s latitude at this point.

* 20) If you drive the entire length of Illinois 1 from Chicago to its southernmost point some 350 miles south, which state bordering Illinois will you be about to enter?

* 21) Along which interstate highway and in which state do Tim Hortons and Waffle House meet? Why is the “Tim Hortons-Waffle House Line” similar to the Mason-Dixon line?

* 22) Who are the Saskois?

* 23) Illinois is only 100 miles from this Deep South state.

* 24) The skyline of which Canadian city can be observed from upstate New York when looking across Lake Ontario?

* 25) Which state separates the southern state of Tennessee from the Plains state of Nebraska?

* 26) Which distinctively named part of Texas is only 30 miles from Colorado?

* 27) Which lake separates Ohio and Pennsylvania from Canada?

* 28) Which state capital is not reachable by road from most of its state?

* 29) TRUE OR FALSE: A remote corner of Virginia stretches further west than the western tip of West Virginia.

* 30) Why will you have more fun on the red highways than on the blue highways?

* 31) Where is the Hi-Line? Which U.S. Highway crosses it?

* 32) Name two or more states in which it is still possible to drive on what used to be U.S. 66 without being on an interstate highway.

33) Which state is partly Southern, Western, Southwestern, Eastern, and Midwestern?

* 34) Which is one U.S./Canadian border crossing where one must drive in a southerly direction from the U.S. in order to enter Canada?

* 35) Which two-lane U.S. highway will take you from the ArkLaMiss region to the ArkLaTex region in just a few hours? What types of scenery will one see along the way?

* 36) Name three southwestern states that have snow-covered mountains and pine forests less than 100 miles from the Mexican border. Name three arid southwestern cities known for their palm trees that are about an hour’s drive from pine forests and snow.

* 37) TRUE OR FALSE: A sizable chunk of North Carolina is actually south of portions of South Carolina.

* 38) What are the names of some other great lakes in North America besides the famous five Great Lakes? Where are they located?

* 39) Name at least one grouping four states that nearly come together to form an “almost Four Corners.”

* 40) Name a Midwestern state that has a mountain range.

* To whom can people turn in order to find answers to their most perplexing travel-related questions or to order a personalized road trip itinerary?

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