SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Sept. 17, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — TRK Connection (TRK), a leading provider of mortgage quality control (QC) and origination management solutions, announced it has enhanced the loan sampling functionality and added predictive analytics to its Insight Risk & Defect Management (RDM) mortgage QC audit platform.

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These new capabilities enable Insight users to engage in more intelligent discretionary loan sampling, preventing over-selection of files for review and providing better control over sample size while meeting all discretionary loan target criteria.

“Loan sampling is a critical component of the QC process, and the more lenders are able to fine-tune their selection of loans for review, the better insights they’ll receive regarding loan quality,” said Jeremy Burcham, EVP of TRK Connection. “Additions like intelligent loan sampling and predictive analytics ensure Insight RDM continues to deliver every tool imaginable to aid lenders in reducing their repurchase risk and improving their loan quality.”

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Using a lender’s historical loan samples and defect trending data, Insight RDM optimizes the discretionary sampling process to ensure the loans selected for review are representative of the lender’s historical pipeline, which helps keep lenders compliant with their investor approved quality control plan’s loan sampling requirements.

Insight RDM allows clients to identify key areas for discretionary audits based on trending defects to provide lenders with proactive capabilities to remedy loan production issues as soon as possible. Further, Insight users can now also conduct predictive reporting on future loan quality performance based on their historical data, allowing them to understand the effect of loan quality issues from the start.

“While it is nearly impossible to prevent errors from creeping into the loan origination process, it is possible, with the right tools, to anticipate those defects and detect them as early in the process as possible,” Burcham added. “In addition to creating a more streamlined and efficient QC audit process, Insight RDM helps lenders harness the loan quality data already at their disposal to create additional layers of defense against loan defects to ensure investors receive loans that are as pristine as possible.”

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Founded in 2013, TRK Connection prides itself on its ability to develop technologies that allow businesses to surpass their organizational needs and meet their business objectives. As an innovator in the mortgage origination and quality assurance space, TRK continues to develop and refine solutions geared to promote and strengthen the loan origination process, pre/post-close loan audits and the defect remediation process.

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