BROCTON, N.Y., April 10, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — TrueHero™ Face Shields are the result of good old American ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our country. Recognizing that the need for such shields was only going to grow with the spread of COVID-19, plastics manufacturer, Jay Baker, of Jamestown Plastics, rallied his troops and, in a matter of days, designed and began manufacturing TrueHero™ Face Shields at his facility in Brocton, New York.

Nurses with TrueHero Masks
Today, TrueHero™ Face Shields are being used in New York City at the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic and in a quickly growing number of states and even countries around the globe.

But, as demand continues to escalate, Baker continues to increase available supply. The fact is that politics and red tape are strangling the ability of those on the front lines to get the PPE they need.

If you know someone on the front lines that does not have access to adequate PPE protection, please direct them to the TrueHero website:

About the product:
TrueHero™ Face Shields are made of Clearon, a medical grade, optically clear PETG. Extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear, TrueHero Face Shields were designed in conjunction with medical professionals for extreme protection and all-day use. A flanged perimeter maximizes protection from the periphery. Multi-port exhaust channels release heat and moisture, yet preclude the entry of germs.

The shields offer full range visibility and employ hook-and-loop straps for infinite adjustability and a secure, set-it-and-forget-it fit. A peel-and-stick foam forehead liner enhances comfort. And, for a customized fit, the shield can be trimmed with scissors.

TrueHero™ Extreme Coverage Face Shields, extraordinary protection for extraordinary people. Thank you for all you do!

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*Photo caption: Nurses wearing TrueHero brand Extreme Coverage Face Shields.

Note: Patent-pending TrueHero Shields are considered Personal Protection Equipment but do not carry FDA certification as a medical device.


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