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LOUISVILLE, KY – August 11 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Evangelical Christianity, which depends on the literal veracity of the Bible, has become a critical element in today’s most important public policy issues. In light of the questions raised by the latest Biblical scholarship and provocative films like “The God Who Wasn’t There,” has the Christian faith lost its historical underpinnings? What should be the role of Christian faith in American society and politics? In another chapter of the culture wars, on August 23 the Universist Movement will ask a distinguished panel these and other questions critical to our times.

“The God Who Wasn’t There,” a new independent documentary, is popularizing questions about the historical existence of Jesus Christ as described in the gospels. The Universist Movement has managed a successful grassroots distribution campaign for the film among its U.S. groups. Now, to celebrate the film’s release in stores, the Movement has created Christianity in Question. The event brings together the conservative Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, its local critic the Highland Baptist Church, a University of Louisville religious historian, and Brian Flemming, all in person, and in one very grand room – the Kentucky Theater in downtown Louisville. The event includes the Reverend Joseph Phelps, who sparred with Southern Seminary’s support for “Justice Sunday” and participated in a rival “Social Justice Sunday.” Rev. Phelps and the Dean of Southern Seminary are both panelists.

“Christianity in Question” begins with Kentucky’s first screening of “The God Who Wasn’t There” at 6:30PM, followed by the panel discussion at 8:00PM. The Universist Movement, a nonprofit religious organization based in Birmingham, AL, provides this public event free of charge.

The Universist Movement evangelizes Universism, which is among the world’s fastest growing religious philosophies. Born from a coalition of atheists and deists, Universism unites diverse metaphysical belief by valuing continued exploration and questioning. Shearing previous progressive religion movements of new ageism and faith alike, Universism replaces the insipid and politically correct with today’s unique Universist ethic – critical and faithless, yet genuine and passionate. The Movement’s mission is to evolve religion in a safe direction in light of the events of September 11. In Universism truth is nontransferable, and the group collectively celebrates existential mystery, rather than absolute truth.

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