KANSAS CITY, Mo., May 12, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — At the upcoming Long Term Care Solutions Sales Summit, to be held in Kansas City, Missouri, May 18-20, 2014, “you can find us with your eyes closed,” says Steven Kramer, Senior Vice-President for LTC Financial Partners, LLC (LTCFP), one of American’s most experienced national agencies offering long-term care insurance and related solutions.

“Just notice the smell of fresh-made popcorn, and follow your nose.” The idea is to attract independent long-term care agents to the LTCFP booth, “so they can learn about us in a friendly atmosphere.”

Another draw is a glossy color handout, The Top 10 Reasons Producers Join LTC Financial Partners. “This can be an eye-opener for any serious agent, whether they consider joining us or not,” says Kramer. “All together, the 10 reasons point to the key factors that make or break success in this business.”

For example, reasons 5 and 6 highlight the marketing and web support that many agents find difficult to supply on their own. “Top producers are a fiercely independent bunch,” says Kramer. “But they can be too much alone, attending to everything when they could be spending more time helping the people who need them.” Thanks to LTCFP’s staff and resources, “they can relax and enjoy the best of independence with the best of support.”

Reason 3 highlights equity with potential dividends, a unique feature offered by LTCFP. “We are the only producer and employee-owned national organization of LTC specialists in the United States,” says Kramer. The value of this is two-fold, he points out. “First, it’s great to be an owner in a growing national business. Second, ownership inspires support from fellow producers. They’re eager to help new associates succeed because the bigger the overall pie, the greater their own potential reward.”

Other top-10 reasons include company-supplied leads; and group sales through LTCFP’s worksite and national-account operations.

LTCFP hopes to attract “hundreds of the best people in the business,” says Kramer. What’s driving this push?

“The long-term care insurance industry has exploded into the forefront of healthcare,” he says. “As the wave of 77 million baby boomers move into their golden years, we’re gearing up to meet the exponential growth in demand.”

In addition to Kramer, other LTCFP representatives will be available at the booth. These include Amy Cain, Director of Recruiting; Tracy Gonzalez, Training Director; and Shawn Davis, Mid-West Regional Sales Director.

For those who cannot attend the Summit, information may be requested at http://join.ltcfp.com/.

News issued by: LTC Financial Partners, LLC

LTC Financial Partners, LLC

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