LOS ANGELES, Calif., Oct. 26, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Uvilite has developed a safe and powerfully effective ultraviolet sterilizing light technology for everyday residential use. Ideal for homes, cars and any other areas where germs are present, Uvilite uses hospital-grade technology that protects and empowers people to fight germs when and where they want to.

Uvilite TORCH Hospital-Grade Sterilization Tech
PHOTO CAPTION: Uvilite Torch.

UV-C technology destroys up to 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses and fungi by using safe and powerful ultraviolet light and it only takes a few minutes.

“Our flagship product, the Uvilite Torch, is the ultimate embodiment of everyday ultraviolet light sterilization,” Charles Palao, a Uvilite co-founder, says. “We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to ‘consumerize’ this industrial technology and bring it to the general population.”

With built-in safety features, a dual-sterilization effect (from UV-C germicidal light and ozone generation), and a portable form factor, the Uvilite Torch is packed with the power of a sterilizing station, but in the form of a portable wand.

The FDA reports that, “UVC radiation is a known disinfectant for air, water and nonporous surfaces. UVC radiation has effectively been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria, such as tuberculosis. For this reason, UVC lamps are often called ‘germicidal’ lamps.”

And, according to Uvilite, it’s the small spaces that are the most concerning. For example, the germiest spot in a bathroom isn’t the toilet, it’s actually the toothbrush holder.

The Uvilite Torch is ideal for spaces up to 30 square feet. It’s portable and rechargeable and ideal for places such as nurseries, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, closets and cars. Its portable size also makes it easy for consumers to bring it with them to hotels, restaurants, gas stations and more.

Other products include the Uvilite Chamber, Uvilite Mini and Uvilite Mini+. All products are completely safe for items such as phones, keyboards, masks, wallets, keys, earphones, pacifiers and other objects because all products are chemical-free.

For more information: https://uvilite.com/

About Uvilite

Launched in 2020, Uvilite is a family-owned and operated business. Its mission is to provide safe and reliable products that protect and empower people. Customer service and support is its number one priority.

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*Photo Caption: Uvilite Torch

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