VENTURA, Calif., March 30, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — With Harper Point Photography, those in Ventura or Santa Barbara County don’t have to travel all the way to Los Angeles to get vibrant, eye-catching, professional photography for their products, brands, or other business or personal purposes. For more than 15 years now, the dream duo of Kira Friedman and Nathan Rega have used their immense skills and passion for photography to immortalize moments of magic and produce exceptional imagery that makes the viewer truly feel something.

Harper Point Photography

Harper Point is housed in a charming and quirky 1960s-era building in downtown Ventura where the team is able to create a variety of stunning lifestyle environments with their extensive collection of props. With their careful eye for detail, they also build customized studio sets to bring the shoots to life and capture the true essence of the subject matter. Lifelong photographers that were both raised by photographer parents, Kira and Nathan have an extensive portfolio of work that highlights their ability to elevate brands and tell captivating stories through images.

As a professional photography studio, Harper Point offers a variety of services to meet their clients’ varying needs. Product photography is a main area of focus for this dynamic duo, as they produce enticing photos of merchandise and other objects that masterfully incorporate the brand’s particular look and feel. Understanding the importance of separating one’s business from the competition while driving purchases, Harper Point creates brilliant product photos for use on online stores, social media, printed publications, and more.

Along these lines, the team at Harper Point also produces enviable food photography for food product websites, restaurants, and full-length cookbooks. As they note on their website, clients will typically send in recipes or ingredients that Kira and Nathan will then cook, style appropriately, and photograph. Like with general product photography, Harper Point’s food photos are meant to grab customers’ attention and make them feel as though they can almost taste the wonderful dishes right there and then.

Recognizing that it is not always enough to just have quality photos of products themselves, Harper Point creates lifestyle images that incorporate the right people and places while telling engaging stories that viewers are drawn to and identify with. Central to this is ensuring that these lifestyle photos are in line with brand guidelines while still being creative and visually striking.

What about those in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County that need photos to promote themselves rather than their products? Harper Point has that covered as well with the area’s finest headshot photography. While the team can produce standard professional headshots that are sure to impress, it is especially exciting when they are able to draw on conceptualized personal scenarios to tell a more complete visual tale of who the clients are and what drives them and shapes their lives. Kira and Nathan have a friendly and soothing energy that puts camera-shy clients at ease and makes the entire process more exciting and enjoyable.

With this true gem of a photography studio situated in the beautiful city of Ventura, individuals, families, and businesses alike can get the photos they want without having to make their way into the heart of LA. A collaborative and creative enterprise at its core, Harper Point excels in bringing clients’ stories to life in stunning detail through photos that delight and inspire all who view them. Chat with Harper Point today, and discover the magic of this unique family-owned and -operated photography business for yourself.

Harper Point Photography is located 1181 E. Main St. in Ventura, and can be reached at (805) 653-5999. For more information, please contact the business or visit

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