LOS ANGELES, Calif., Aug. 26, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — viv, Co. (CEO: Kyo Ueda) announced today that they are moving forward with the “BabyLook” project of “visualizing baby’s mind” by using baby’s facial expression and body information is going to release BabyLook:ver2.0; the application of predicting baby’s development..

viv Co - Babylook
In this version upgrade, this application analyzes a state of the development of each person’s baby and provide the milestones which is the most suitable for each baby because the AI system predicts a future development process.

Therefore, parents and nannies can understand “what” and “when” the growth event occur and get suggestions of how their baby handle the events. Also, they can be freed from the anxiety caused by lack of knowledge and will be able to get “relief.”

Implementation Method:
BabyLook uses an AI system for predicting individual babies’ development. The AI system predicts individual baby’s developments by collecting and analyzing the below information.

Aspects of Collecting Data Information:

  1. Daily baby’s development events
  2. Daily baby-care activities
    1. Changing diapers
    2. Breastfeeding information
    3. Bottle milk information
    4. Bath information
    5. Crying information
    6. Feeding solid food information
  3. Daily photos and video data.

The Whole Process:

  1. The system defines around 150 milestones for babies up to 24 months of age.
  2. The system suggests milestones that are more likely to occur at the moment.
  3. Users choose a thing to apply from the milestones as the result.
  4. The system suggests individual milestone schedule by analyzing the daily records and the performance of the milestones.

In the whole process 4, we cluster babies by discovering the correlation between the three types of collected data, “growth speed” and “growth individuality (growth events that different from other babies).” Each cluster is possible to prevent what and when the growth event will occur because the cluster analyzes which events occur. Also, the cluster has suggestions information of each growth event, so it is possible to give advice to the users.

Analysis Process of AI:

  1. Timing of the growth event occurrence (growth speed)
  2. The order of the events occurrence (growth speed)
  3. Happen or not happen of the events (developmental personality)
  4. Reflect the influence of the baby-care activities (developmental personality)
  5. Implementation of the survey (developmental personality)
  6. Frequency in occur of daily facial expression (developmental personality).

Application URL is here: http://babylook.mom/

About viv, Co.:

viv, Co. is performing “the visualizing baby’s mind project” through an alliance with University of California Los Angeles, University of California Riverside, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Renmin University of China, Kobe University (Japan), Hong Kong Government, the Maekawa Foundation, and over 200 kindergartens, nursery schools and child institutions science 2016. In the project, we studied and discovered a correlation between the baby’s facial expression and the developmental trends (differences of growth speed) by locating cameras in the kindergartens and child institutions. We presented the paper of this and applied for a U.S. patent about the AI logic in 2018.

Future Plans:
From 2020, BabyLook creates the platform of supporting childcare and provides not only a family but also the nursing organization and research institutions. Moreover, we collect big data and improve the quality of the solution by connecting nursing devices by using IoT. In the end, we are planning to develop an economic zone about borderless “childcare” covering the world with a Blockchain. viv, Co. is based in Los Angeles, Calif., USA. We intend to raise $1 million over the year.

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