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A Small Miracle in Time for The Holidays

PHILADELPHIA, PA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — `Twas the morning after Christmas. All through the house could be heard a pin drop quiet as a mouse. Then, a KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK was heard at the door. Was it Saint Nick… with one last HO HO HO? No, it was author Salvador SeBasco, the Book creator of “THE BOY, THE KING, AND THE CHIHUAHUA” (I Just Read Company), who traveled over 1800 miles to deliver the book in person to little Orlando D. Cleveland II, a 3 year old boy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in time for the Holidays.

Why this book? As Salvador SeBasco recalls “It was LadyBird Johnson’s office who said the book’s lesson is one that ALL children should be taught. That includes little Orlando a 3 year old boy from Philly!!!” The book, its sponsors, and more are featured at

But, why this little Boy?

Just two and a half days earlier it was the 23rd of December in Austin, Texas, when Salvador SeBasco received a hand-written letter from Orlando’s Mom. It read that their Son’s wish was to have THE BOY, THE KING, AND THE CHIHUAHUA, for the Christmas Holiday. It wasn’t the only letter Salvador SeBasco received that day. The other was in an envelope marked White House and was from Laura Bush expressing how she was proud of him! For more information on that letter, see THUMBS UP BY GROWN UPS at

Perhaps, it was fate. Perhaps it was just all heart, but instead of going to Pasadena as planned, author, book creator, Salvador SeBasco booked a flight from Austin, Texas, to the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is over 1800 miles from Austin, Texas.

Salvador SeBasco explained, “After getting into town, I had contact with NBC Channel 10 television station staff who suggested that for the most expedient route, I call one particular cab company and ask for Richard Rody, a reliable taxi Cab driver. I did, and I don’t regret it!” It was just two weeks prior when author Salvador SeBasco met with University of Texas Head Coach Mack Brown and gave Mack Brown a signed copy, and asked Mack Brown to read the book to the University of Texas football team sometime before the Rose Bowl game, and Mack Brown said he definitely would!

From big champions to little champions, this Holiday season still had reserved one more small miracle!

Richard Rody drove the author to Philadelphia to little Orlando’s house on rural Louise Street in Philadelphia. KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK and a neighbor overheard that no one answered the door, and had Mr. SeBasco visit Orlando’s Grandmother Desi Washington who lived in the house across the street in Philly. Overjoyed and a few phone calls later to her daughter Melinda, and it was not too long when little Orlando’s dream came true and he met the book’s creator.

Even in that, it still as was no normal delivery though as Orlando D. Cleveland II’s Father, whose name is also Orlando, answered the door. He was amazed that the author of the book he had just seen on Reading Rainbow, was at the door with his book THE BOY, THE KING, AND THE CHIHUAHUA.

“It’s a miracle! I can’t believe this ACTUALLY CAME TRUE. We were watching Reading Rainbow and saw the book listed as Fantastic Books to get and now here it is with you bringing it to our Son, Orlando. It’s a miracle!”

Talking with Melinda McClenic, little Orlando’s Mom, “It is not everyday you have this sort of thing happens. Mr. SeBasco came in a cab and deserves to leave in a stretch- Limousine with Mayor Street!”

It was Melinda McClenic, an Operator for Philadelphia’s City Hall, who, instead of calling 888-280-7715 to order the book, wrote directly to Mr. SeBasco, c/o Grace Edision, at PO Box 270006, Austin, Texas 78727, and mentioned how much her Son wanted the book for Christmas.

This was no ordinary copy of the book delivered. It was a limited edition exclusive collector’s item because it was number 29 in a series of 100 ever to get numbered and signed by the author on a sticker appearing towards the back of the book. It is valued at $175.00 since one auctioned off for that amount a few weeks ago.

Yes, the stockings were already hung, when Salvador SeBasco came to the door with one more stocking stuffer; even though Santa already took his tour. And, with that stocking stuffer, limited edition book, was a certificate of authenticity from

In Salvador’s other hand was the original hand written letter which little Orlando D. Cleveland II’s Mother Melinda wrote the author asking for this miracle. The letter was written in hopes and care that Salvador SeBasco, against all odds would be there!

Salvador recalls his first words to little Orlando were, “Little man, this one’s for you!!! You have a great Mom and Dad. I heard you wanted this book for Christmas and I came here to give it to you and read it to you person!” Then, little Orlando’s and his Dad’s smile lit up the front porch…so much you would have thought Rudolph was there.

Yes, it was just after settling down and about to head out for a West Coast book tour. First to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl parade festivities, and then onto…but “Wait!” Salvador SeBasco said. When in his head arose such a clatter…and it was then he realized it was little Orlando …most…that mattered!

More rapid than our eagles, away in the clouds he flew on a plane. But, instead of going to Pasadena, California, he was soon in Philly with the cab driver NBC Channel 10 knew.
Richard Rody, Taxi cab driver, whistle and shouted and was in a bolstering smile when he realized that his Taxi may as well be a Reindeers’ sleigh all the while!

Mr. Rody, the Red Nosed Reindeer taxi cab dear rode his sleigh-taxi 33 miles to little Orlando’s house. Oh dear! oh dear!

“Thank goodness he got here safely, for all the miles he came. Little Orlando will Cherish this the rest of his life!,” Orlando’s Mother said, “This is something Orlando will treasure the rest of his life and will appreciate even more and more. The older he gets, the more important he will know it was. It is a great book, and God Bless author Salvador SeBasco for coming so far to deliver it in person!!! And, thanks to Mr. Rody, the cab driver!”

As for Mr. Rody the red nosed taxi-sleigh driver, he sprang to again drive his sleigh, and to this miraculous theme, into his light, he gave a whistle.

But we heard little Orlando exclaim as it came from his smile …
“Happy Christmas to all, and this which was done…was just oh so-o-o-o right!”

“The book is a ‘best seller with Mothers’ and the book was recently requested for committee consideration for the 2005 Caldecott Medal; which is a national annual literary award.”

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