FULLERTON, Calif., Aug. 19, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “Depression, isolation, bullying, anxiety, substance abuse, suicides, and school shootings are more prevalent today than ever before,” said FeelSpace™ App creators, father and son co-founders, Aftab Jiwani and Amaan Jiwani, from FeelU, Inc.

FeelSpace app from FeelU
“Most professionals and experts agree, early intervention makes all the difference in the world. FeelSpace App for students will provide a comfortable, private and easy to use tool, right in their hands,” continued Amaan Jiwani, a high school senior.

We have dozens of crisis hotlines and support centers available as we continue to treat mental health in the realm of crisis management.

“Mental health support cannot just be crisis management; no wonder things keep getting worse,” said Aftab Jiwani.

In today’s highly public, social media viral video world, young people are very concerned about how they look and are perceived by their peers in and outside of school. The apprehension towards visiting a school psychologist’s office, with the stigma and fear of public ridicule, is preventing opportunities for early intervention in many of the most prevalent mental health challenges faced by students today.

FeelSpace™ is an extremely simple to use mobile and web messaging app that will allow students to communicate with their school selected psychologists and counselors with some anonymity and privacy.

Schools of any type and size can be linked to the FeelSpace™, where the schools will psychologists and counselors can receive message and alerts as the student initiate conversations. Interested schools please visit https://Feelu.org/ or email us at partner@FeelSpace.org.

The company is looking for partners and advisors to bring FeelSpace™ to schools all around the world and make a difference in people’s lives.

“FeelSpace™ – Be Heard … Anonymously!”

Learn more about the FeelSpace App and FeelU, Inc. at: https://feelu.org/

News Source: FeelU