PROVO, Utah, Oct. 1, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Yoodlize, a Provo-based startup, has launched a rental platform that allows people to easily find and rent all types of items from other users of the app. The Yoodlize app also provides a safe and convenient peer-to-peer rental transaction system for individuals who want to earn money renting out their things to people in their local communities.

Yoodlize app
“We’ve had a very positive reception of our app since our soft launch this summer,” said Jason Fairourne, founder and CEO of Yoodlize. “People are downloading the app and loving it – and it will only get better as we get more users.”

Several companies like Airbnb, Neighbor, Uber, and Turo have emerged over the past few years and established a strong market for collaborative consumption businesses. Yoodlize expands the peer-to-peer rental model from houses and cars to all the rest of the things we own.

Since its launch in June, Yoodlize has already seen a flurry of user activity. Some of the most popular items currently being rented on the platform are sporting goods like camping gear, canoes, bikes, and paddleboards. Other popular items include bounce houses, motorcycles, electronics, and tools.

“People have added hundreds of items for rent, and the number of listings is growing every day,” said Fairbourne. “It’s an open marketplace, so the only limit on what you can find is people’s creativity.”

Part of Fairbourne’s inspiration for Yoodlize was the sheer volume of things that go unused. Homes, garages, and storage units are full of people’s unused items collecting dust. For many Yoodlize users, being able to make better use of items that would otherwise sit idle is a major selling point.

Yoodlize was designed to make the peer-to-peer rental process as seamless and secure as possible. For example, all items on Yoodlize are automatically insured up to $2000, so users can earn cash renting out high-value items worry-free.

Riding a wave of powerful trends like minimalism and society’s growing preference for experiences over things, the Yoodlize platform is primed to grow exponentially and revolutionize the way people “Yoodlize” their stuff.

About Yoodlize:

Yoodlize is a peer-to-peer rental platform for just about anything. Yoodlize makes it easy for individuals to list and rent out their things to people in their local area. Owners earn extra cash putting their otherwise unused things to work, and renters get affordable access to an almost limitless catalog of items and experiences.

The Yoodlize app is available for free download on iOS, Android, and at the Yoodlize website,

News Source: Yoodlize