STOCKTON, Calif., May 31, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) –- From an early age, Franklin Towngate fantasized about writing a book that mirrored the TV shows and cartoons of his youth. He took a creative writing class in high school and was inspired to write several manuscripts, one of which was recently published – “The Harlem Knight” (ISBN: 978-0464693796).

BOOK The Harlem Knight
The story takes place in Spanish Harlem, a high crime area and home to the book’s superhero – Valencia, a teenage girl. An expert in gymnastics and the martial arts, she turns into a masked, crime-fighting superhero when she gets fed up with what’s happening in her neighborhood. Her best friend, Anna, doubles as her assistant. Other characters include: Pedro, Anna’s crush, and Enrique, a mechanical engineer and college professor who gets framed for a bizarre incident involving a robotic dinosaur attack on the city.

The Knight is ready to take on Enrique’s business rival, Angie Perez, who planned the frame-up and is actually responsible for previous robotic dinosaur attacks that caused extensive property damage throughout the area. Equipped with a utility belt that has hi-tech weapons and jet-propelled boots, Valencia’s mission is to bring this evil entity to justice.

“Hopefully, my ‘Harlem Knight’ will soon be worthy enough to join the ranks of the DC or Marvel family one day,” Towngate says.

It was “Batman: The Animated Series” and “Disney’s Gargoyles” that inspired Towngate to write this action-filled story.

“My story is very unique because this superhero and the other characters are Puerto Rican and there are not many multicultural superheroes in the media today,” he says. “I have several other stories in the works that target multicultural communities and hope to release those soon too.”

About the Author:

Franklin Towngate studied creative writing and typing in high school. When he received his first computer, he joined these talents together and today is an aspiring author and cartoonist. He continues to entertain young adult audiences through his creative sketches and words. He’s passionate about creating a unique voice in the world of superheroes.

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