Press Release Services and Business News from Send2Press, a unit of Neotrope, established 1983
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Send2Press® - Press Release Writing, Distribution and Media Relations since 1983 [an error occurred while processing this directive] media relations
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Press Release Services and Business News from Send2Press, a unit of Neotrope, established 1983
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If you are a journalist, writer, editor or researcher who would like to receive news only in categories applicable to what you cover, you may opt-in to receive a weekly summary, or full-text releases by industry segments like "medical news" or "entertainment news." Note this is a double-opt-in system, meaning you will be sent an email to confirm and authenticate your email is actually valid. Unsubscribe link is included with every email we send to you, in case you no longer wish to receive these updates.
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RSS/XML Feeds by Topic
If you prefer, you may also receive our news dynamically as released from our RSS system, in all major topics like business news, entertainment news, medical news, book/publishing news, music news, etc. One-click tools are also available to add to "My Yahoo!" and "My MSN" if desired. RSS feeds include a headline and summary of news by topic, and link to a full text article version on our site, as well as a plain text and PDF version which you may download to use for your own publication/Website.
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Who We Are
Send2Press® was launched in 1997 as a division of Neotrope®, in order to offer an affordable alternative to expensive PR and press release promotion services. Because Neotrope is a 20-year veteran in the media relations business, we are one of the few companies who maintain their own media contact database, which is based on publicly available data such as SRDS and publication media kits, as well as "opt-in" journalists who have selected the news they wish to receive by topic(s).

Our highly skilled team members are active members of professional trade groups including the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the Periodical Writers Association of Canada (PWAC), and the National Writers' Union (NWU), among others. All of our staff writers and editors adhere to the Code of Ethics of all of these professional organizations.

News Spam
Because Neotrope/Send2Press has working journalists and writers on our staff, including the president of our company, we are sensitive to the issue of abuse by many companies who send "spam" in the guise of news announcements. Our company has worked closely with many small business organizations, including ePublicEye, in order to educate small businesses on the proper use of news releases and the appropriate methods of contacting the media. It is our goal to develop additional programs along these lines in the future. We welcome your feedback and comments


Business Hours:
9am to 5pm PST/PDT
Monday - Friday
Closed Weekends.


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Celebrating our 22n Year - 1983-2005 Celebrating Our 23rd Year:
Jan. 1983
to Jan. 2006

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Press Release Services and Business News from Send2Press, a unit of Neotrope, established 1983
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