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Testimonials Archive 2005-07 for Send2Press Newswire

Oct/Nov. 2014 News
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What's New: As of March 1, we have retired our “Extended” level plans in favor of NEW “Premium” plans. New plans include promoted social media marketing campaign ($99 value) with click-tracking. We have also brought back the econo online post plan for $49, by popular request.

Thank you for your interest in Neotrope's Send2Press® press release writing, targeted distribution, and Internet marketing services. The following unsolicited customer testimonials (below, this page) have been sent to our Send2Press team based on completed projects, and have been reproduced here by the kind permission of those noted companies and individuals found on this page.

NOTE: The archival comments found on this page date from 2005-2007. If you would like to see our most recent customer testimonials, please click here.

What We Do
Since 1983 Neotrope® has delivered proven, effective, and consistent business marketing services and technology solutions. Send2Press (a service of Neotrope) offers affordable news distribution services, professional press release writing, agency of record service, and syndication of original news content. Neotrope's Send2Press Newswire service and the Neotrope News Network provide a unique solution for dissemination and persistence of news content to targeted media.

Featured “Testimonials” from our Clients — 2005-2007

Archived testimonials from 2005-2007, below, are shown in
reverse date order, with most recent comments at top.
Additional archives:
  Testimonials from 2008-2009
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Christopher: Thanks for the guidance six months ago, back in June 2007, with the first press release for Beauty TV. After the release I received several media and beauty industry inquiries, and they are still coming in. Since the press release came out, several stories were published in the media and I received a great interest from future advertisers and agencies from around the world. The response was well worth the investment and surpassed my expectations. Thank you so much for putting up with my skepticism and guiding me with the launch of Beauty TV.
Rob E. Angelino
Founder & CEO, Beauty TV®
December, 2007

Chris Simmons and the Send2Press team are fantastic to work with! I can’t say enough glowing things about this company. Chris seems to catch every error, and fixes it before your release goes live. The syndication on press releases continues long after the initial release. S2P offers comprehensive reporting, with professional and lighting fast communication. They are just fabulous! I would highly recommend this company for all businesses who need a press release.
Katie Schwartz
VP SEO, CheapOair Travel Portal
October, 2007

Great job! That's why I love working with you at Send2Press. Communication is always perfect and professional, and you're very helpful!
Dee Dee Phelps
Singer, of '60s group, Dick and Dee Dee
Author, "Vinyl Highway"
July, 2007

Again, I'd like to send kudos to Send2Press for their insanely effective press dissemination service. Our release is everywhere. From Yahoo! to Forbes to Tech Crunch. I highly recommend this service. It is way way more effective than PR Newswire and/or hiring a publicist, foggetaboutit! Save your bucks and go with Send2Press. They rock.
Dey Martin
mTraks Music Community
May, 2007

We are extremely impressed with the market penetration offered by Send2Press. From our first release, we were immediately written about in numerous media and were contacted by a wide range of people and companies seeking to purchase our work as well as to form collaborative business arrangements. Send2Press, as an organization serving the PR field, is simply excellent.
Doug Colosio
Chairman, Golosio Music Publishing
March, 2007

Chris at Send2Press made me feel like I was VIP. I was not familiar with the format and process of releasing a press release. His invaluable time, patience and guidance concluded in a successful press release. He was honest and up front with the intention to make this a win/win situation for both of us. I highly recommend their services, especially if you are a novice.
Ray Doktor, M.A.
President, Whole Minds
March, 2007

We have been using another service (PRN) for our last press releases and I have to tell you: your 'Blue Plan' services are, hands down, far superior. Not only are your service features better and the visibility of the press releases so much stronger — but you are almost half the cost. You don't require a membership fee, logo or picture fee and your overall charges are so much less. But the real beauty of your service is your effectiveness. I used your Send2Press service 7 months ago, and used their service just a few months ago; their releases are nowhere to be found on the Web or on their own site, and your release is still everywhere. Much thanks to you and your wonderful company.
Taylor Wilshire
Partner, Nautilus Press
Author, "The What-if Guy" and "The Book of Mom"
February, 2007

Hi Chris: Just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied with the job you did for our 40th anniversary press release — we'll be using you for 5 more releases throughout 2007. The Record, a local paper, is coming to our office on Thursday to interview us. I'm not sure if this will result in business, but it's a true sign of the great job you did distributing our release. We also got exposure online on some major industry sites, as well as on the Dow Jones Web site. Thanks!
Ryan Cote
Director of Marketing, The Ballantine Corporation
November, 2006

Thank you Chris for releasing our news to a wide group on our target list. Within the first week, we had requests for additional photos and information for articles, and product review; and even a radio interview on the Rude Awakening Show with Bulldog. Kristi Lee from the Bob and Tom Show thought our press release was worthy of radio air time and the trio talked about our product on air. It really impressed a few of our friends that heard about us on their drive to work. Then we found various news stations posted our release on their Web site as well. We don't know if it was mentioned on air, but it's archived for a while on their Web site. Also, thank you for including (sending) our release to celebrity media — that's a target we didn’t think of. picked up on your release and wrote their version, which was very entertaining. I found, in a woman's health related blog, that someone mentioned seeing our Red E Bag on the TMZ Web site. One blogger reported that 'a lot of women in Hollywood use our bags' (not true, but good association). So thank you very much! We will use your services again and look forward to the continued interest in our new product.
Jodi Carr
As We Grow LLC
October, 2006

I stand by (my) earlier claims that Chris Simmons of Send2Press is a genius! Send2Press has yielded interviews for me in television, radio, newspapers, magazines and the Internet from all over the globe, including the BBC, Sirius Satellite radio, MSNBC, CNN, E! entertainment, People magazine, The New York Times, The Associated Press, Reuters, and countless others. Chris is always patient and diligent when working with me, and I am grateful to him for it; but his enthusiasm, support and encouragement make me feel like he is completely invested and sharing the same goals. Send2Press has to be the best at what they do, and the price is phenomenally low. Their press release service seems to reach everyone, and their writing service is spot on. Honestly, working with Send2Press has been a life changing experience for me, and for that I'll be forever grateful.
Daniel Edwards
Pop-Culture Artist and Sculptor
September, 2006

Hi Chris. Just wanted to let you know that we are having tremendous success with this press release. We had more members sign up yesterday than ever before. More than double our previous single day record! Thanks for all your help.
Michael Ramsbacker
Mobeze, Inc. /
August, 2006

Chris: I thought you would like to know that my business has been growing thanks to my association with Send2Press. At the time I felt like it was a lot of money to be spending on publicity but in the long run it has paid off. And I want to thank you for your services in getting me started on an exciting adventure.
Berna Bennett
Author, "A Gentle Approach to Teaching Children to Swim"
August, 2006

Within three days of sending out our release, we were contacted by Good Housekeeping, and Faith Popcorn's office. If you're new to this experience or unconvinced that press releases work, Send2Press is the place to go that can prove they do.
Arlene Karno
President, Java Juice®, Inc.
May, 2006

Christopher Simmons is more than just a communications expert and PR pro, he's a gifted writer who knows just how to tweak a release to make it as close to perfect as possible — and he's a really nice guy to boot! Send2Press provides unbelievable value for your dollar, with superior service and extras.
Rachel Weingarten
President, GTK Marketing Group
Author, "Career and Corporate Cool"
Author, "Hello Gorgeous! Beauty Products in America '40s-'60s"
May, 2006

You folks provide a great service! We are a new technology and research company, and our technology is developing into applications at blazing speed. Ironically, a friend who works at a big technology PR firm blew 'Send2Press' in my ear last fall, so I tried it out. I've never looked back. It’s great to publish a press release on my own time, investing [less than] 30 minutes online after I write it. Our response from a very technical engineering audience has been great. When I worked for a multi-billion dollar corporation distributing a release was a dreaded big deal. You've taken away the pain for small-to-medium sized companies who have a story to tell, too. Thanks!
Jim Callough
Kubota Research Associates, Inc.
May, 2006

We've worked with Send2Press for a few years now, their service has just been outstanding. Chris worked with us from start to finish and the results within the search engine community have been fantastic! Within an hour, sometimes minutes, we are listed in Google and Yahoo! finance with our press release. Our software has gained much needed visibility within the search engines and general news sites. We appreciate your one-to-one work relationship, you've got our business for all future press releases.
Frank Tomasetti
Brooks Internet Software, Inc.
March, 2006

Thank you very much for all your assistance and diligent work in getting our press releases out. The personal and friendly assistance is second to none. Press Releases are a very important part of our business and I am extremely happy to have found your company. No matter what the issue has been, especially being a neophyte to this form of PR, the help has been there!
J. Fisch
Marketing Director,
March, 2006

Liisa and Chris, thanks for all of your hard work and insight into what I was looking for in a press release for my book, 'Superior Health Doctor Bernard Jensen’s Way.' What Doctor Bernard Jensen had to say, regarding self-responsibility for health and well-being, is as relevant and vital today as it was during the twentieth century. Much of his pioneering work has been the basis for my whole-being formula for health and happiness. The press release captured the essence of Doctor Jensen’s philosophy and what I wanted to say.
Paul Harris
Author, "Superior Health Dr. Bernard Jensen's Way"

February, 2006

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for our most recent press release. We have received many calls from the media as a result of it, and someone who called said she found us in the top 8 of a Google search. As always, it's been a real pleasure to work with you, and I am grateful for the attention to detail that you have given us. It's wonderful to know that in a world where businesses often get sloppy, people procrastinate, and the quality of work is often very lacking, it is still possible to find organizations as cooperative, knowledgeable and professional as yours. I look forward to working with you again soon.
Phyllis Sdoia-Satz
Executive Director, Sdoia-Satz Music Institute
January, 2006

Chris: Thanks again for all of your help. You and your staff writer were wonderful to work with. As a result of my press release, I was able to get nationally televised news coverage and have been written about in several major newspapers. Also, my association with you was instrumental in my getting a major sponsor for my 'Escape From Alcatraz' swim. I will definitely use your service again in the future and highly recommend you to others.
Jay Platt
November, 2005

Insight has been given better visibility to the media through our relationship with Send2Press. In addition to being more cost effective than the subscription-based wires, and the more expensive newswires like 'PRN' and 'BW,' Send2Press has given us better global exposure. Our Web site traffic has also increased after each release because we now use Send2Press.
P.J. Conger
Director of Marketing
The Insight Research Corporation
November, 2005

Chris, I just wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with the high level of professional service that your company provided for us, recently. Through your assistance, the response to our press release announcing our latest title, 'Teenagers Guide to the Beatles,' by Zane Lalani was very good. Several radio stations contacted us to set up interviews with Mr. Lalani. In addition, many Beatles fan Web sites around the world posted the news release on their sites which resulted in a considerable amount of discussion on their message boards; and we got a review request from Electronic Musician magazine. We will certainly use your services again. Thank you.
Alan Burgaler
Publisher, AverStream Press
October, 2005

We have used the services of Send2Press for each of our four franchise sales announcements. The experience has been excellent. We have been the subject of a television news story and two newspaper articles as a result of the press release services provided by Send2Press. We plan to remain loyal customers for years to come. Thanks Chris, for all that you and your team do!
Steve Perry
President, PC Kidz USA
October, 2005

My experience with Send2Press is what legends are made of. Send2Press got my press release out, and then I immediately received calls from The New York Times, ESPN, Boston Globe, Sports Illustrated, NY Post, as well as many other publications. My event was the success I had hoped for. Christopher Simmons at Send2Press is a great teacher for new clients like myself and, perhaps, a genius. Thank you, Chris.
Daniel Edwards
Artist and Sculptor
October, 2005

I have used Send2Press for several years now and every time the experience has been wonderful. Any time I am looking for a quick, efficient way to get my company's press release out, the staff at Send2Press is always on time and on the mark. I have recommended them to several individuals in my same position and will continue to recommend them.
Ian McClure
CEO, TCM International
September, 2005

Send2Press is probably the best marketing dollars that I have spent on behalf of Engate Technology Corp. The online placement paid for it alone! We will definitely use your company going forward.
Wil Cochran
CEO, Engate Technology Corporation
August, 2005

Chris, thanks again for the great service...and performance. I will certainly be remaining a loyal customer as I do upcoming press releases.
Jay Newman
Invision International Health Solutions, Inc.
July, 2005

Thanks for the excellent service over the past three years. Send2Press has given us everything we would get from the 'top brand' PR distribution services, but at a fraction of the cost. I don't know how you do it, but it has been great for a smaller company like Dialpad to save on costs while knowing that we weren't sacrificing quality for our important press releases. Your customer service is fantastic and we have been very impressed with your responsiveness and attention to details. There are a variety of little things to remember in getting the most from a press release and we were happy that your process made it easy to keep everything in order, and more importantly that there was always a real person to check over things in case we made any mistakes. Apparently the results that we have gotten from Send2Press have been very good as well, as we were able to grow our business dramatically over the last 3 years and attracted the attention of several investors, including Yahoo!, who recently acquired our company.
Brian Hutchins
Dialpad Communications, Inc.
June, 2005

Thank you for your service. My news was released less then 24 hours ago and I've already received numerous inquiries. The call I'm most excited about was from Car Dealer Insider, a well respected industry newsletter. I believe they're going to pick up our release and even expand on the story. I will definitely be using your service again. Thanks again.
Seth Schiller
President, Spanish Lead Services
June, 2005

Hi Christopher! This is Tamara from the VOICES Association. We're one of the non-profits you have chosen to donate services to (for your 22nd anniversary). Just wanted to let you know that we received a great response to our last press release! The press release looks great online, too. We definitely want to purchase your services after your donation (PR grant) of services has expired.
Tamara Hill
President, VOICES Association, Inc.
May, 2005

Greetings Chris, just wanted to give you and your company an update. We used Send2Press to send out a press release on or about the 5th of January of this year. When we used your services there was a statement that your company 'could not guarantee that we would get media attention,' but your promise was to get it out for them to have access to it. So we went through with the press release with no expectations at all. Well!!! We are very pleased to announce that from February on we have received national exposure! We received a call from CNN who stated that they had seen a press release of ours and wanted to do a story on us. So on March 14th they sent a news crew from Washington D.C. to Tulsa to conduct a 13 hour interview which aired March 17th. We also received calls from several other major media sources, including Ebony Magazine which we will be featured in their July issue. We just wanted to thank you and your company for a job well done. For what we paid for our press release we have received thousands of dollars worth of media attention that we would not have been able to afford otherwise. Again thank you and we look forward to using Send2Press for our future press releases.
Johnece Thompson
Founder, Math Workz, LLC
April, 2005

After working with Send2Press for a few months, we have definitely found our preferred media release company. They offer fast, efficient, personalized service that is second to none. We are very pleased with their organization and they are more than capable of handling Golden Palace Casino's high volume of releases. We expect to enjoy a long and mutually beneficial relationship.
R. Allen
Marketing Director,
April, 2005

I just want to say thanks for making this process so easy and for going the last mile to stay after-hours to make sure that we made our deadline. Great job!
Tim Koster
CEO, Pacific Information Resources, Inc. dba Search Systems
April, 2005

We used on several occasions the service of Send2Press for our PR needs and we did not find anything that can match the affordable cost and the level of professionalism of Send2Press' staff. We experienced first hand the types of follow up and support that Send2Press provides to its clients to ensure that they have the most effective PR effort. This is really a top press release service that we will recommend to our clients and we will continue to use.
Jean Marc Rejaud
Focus Marketing US LLC
March, 2005

In January, 2005, I was researching book marketing sites for information on how to promote my writing partner Geoff Hoff and my new book, 'Weeping Willow - Welcome to River Bend.' I bounced from site to site and landed on We pored over the information on their site, and after careful consideration, chose one of their national PR plans. The release went out as promised and the follow up was incredible. Geoff personally talked to Christopher Simmons and was very impressed by their conversation. I am a stats junkie and started doing Google searches to see where our release went. It was amazing — it was everywhere! We were immediately contacted by a newspaper in Northern California requesting a copy of our book to be reviewed and saw our release on several other private sites, as well as news sources. Yesterday, we put out another press release through Send2Press for our legal secretary referral company, Somebody Good, Inc. It's such a pleasure to find a company that has great customer service; it seems to be the exception anymore. We will definitely use Send2Press for further press releases for Weeping Willow and Somebody Good. We have a small promotional budget and the money spent with Send2Press is well worth it.
Steve Mancini
Joseph Coaler Productions
March, 2005

Thank you for the great, personalized service that I received from your company. I was quite pleased with the number of people who viewed the press release and I am still receiving Web site hits directly linked from the posting on your site a month later. I was given direct guidance and tips to make my press release more successful. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
Blaire Borthayre
CEO, Training Resource Clinic
February, 2005

Dear Chris and Send2Press Team: Thank you so much for putting Native Voices Foundation under your wings and on the U.S. map as never before. Your savvy coaching, encouragement, and access to all the major newspapers in America, has been priceless in getting out our message of the beautiful progress between our cultures, led by the skiers and Olympians. Thanks to over 100 ski communities inviting their local tribes back to their ancestral lands to ski and snowboard, and people being more open at these environmental crossroads, their traditional Elders, as never before, are able to share their ceremonies to help turn around snow and water droughts and other natural disasters. Bless you and please let us honor you at one of our fun ski events — saluting 'America's First Caretakers!'
Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee
Olympic Champion Skiier
Co-Chair, Native American Olympic Team Foundation (formerly Native Voices Foundation)
February, 2005


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