Automation Survival Guide Issued by EraNova Think Tank – eBook Free Through April 30

MOUNTAIN LAKES, NJ — (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Off-peopling, the human consequence of automation, is growing to epidemic proportions as technology takes over human tasks in grocery stores and banks, offices and the military. “Work as we know it is going away, and companies as we know them are going away, too,” says futurist Richard W. Samson, director of think tank EraNova Institute. “We need to adjust, and fast.”

To help organizations and individuals do just that, EraNova is offering, free of charge, an eBook on how to survive automation and profit from it: “MIND OVER TECHNOLOGY: Coming Out On Top As a Wired World Starts to Run On Automatic.” Written by Samson, the eBook may be downloaded without charge through April 30. It’s available at or through a link on the EraNova Institute home page:

The first half of the eBook describes the acceleration of automation with its mounting human displacement. “Until off-peopling is acknowledged as a problem,” says Samson, “we can’t even begin to talk about solutions. If we don’t manage it right, automation is on track to eliminate most of today’s good-paying jobs, increase the number of working poor, churn companies out of existence, and incite all kinds of bad things from addiction to crime and worse.”

Once acknowledged and discussed, off-peopling can be turned from a lemon into lemonade, Samson says. “Good jobs don’t have to keep on going away; we can create new, better ones that are too creative or human-centric to be automated. Companies don’t have to keep morphing into will o’ the wisps; we can invent new stable organizations. The world doesn’t have to keep moving in self-destructive directions. We can harness the efficiencies of off-peopling for common benefit. With vision and good planning, we can create an unprecedented future of abundance, discovery, and joy in living.”

The second half of the eBook lays out the “hyper-human solution” to off-peopling — offering practical, immediate steps that individuals, companies, and public institutions can take. The key strategy, says Samson, “is to let technology take over everything it can do better than you, and move up to things only a living, self-aware being can do.”

The eBook includes a case history of Umpqua Bank of Oregon, one of several organizations that have applied hyper-human methods fruitfully. Umpqua “multiplied its size and profitability in short order, without layoffs,” says Samson. “In fact, instead of squeezing their employees, they delighted them by empowering them in exciting new ways; and as a result they grew so fast they had to start hiring like crazy.”

EraNova may extend the free distribution beyond April but does not guarantee to do so. “It’s okay for people to copy the eBook and share it with others,” says Samson. “In fact, we encourage them to do so.”

“Automation has been acknowledged for some time,” says Samson, “but the human impact of it isn’t being addressed. Offshoring is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, but offshoring’s a minor issue compared to off-peopling. It’s time to look at what’s really happening, what’s really critical and needs to be addressed.”

Several news outlets have reported on off-peopling recently: United Press International, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, CNET, ZDNet, MSN, BusinessWeek Online, The Futurist (magazine of the World Future Society), CNN, NPR, and others. “Even Reader’s Digest touched on it last Fall,” says Samson, “but today, people are so bombarded with information, it takes a ton of press to produce an ounce of awareness.” The free eBook distribution could help to correct that.

MIND OVER TECHNOLOGY is also available as a printed, bound book — from,, and other booksellers.

Samson, a specialist on the mind and technology, has published several books and served as consultant to Cisco Systems, AT&T, IBM, and others. His identification of an emerging “Hyper-Human Economy” was selected by the World Future Society as the number-one forecast in their “Outlook 2005.”

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