PONTE VEDRA, Fla. – July 19 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Hottinger Capital Consulting, Ltd. (www.HottingerSignals.com) has just released version 3.3 of its E-Zone System, an important new source of financial information for retirees. It warns investors about the all-too-often used strategy of “Buy & Hold & Hope,” and offers the E-Zone System as an alternative that many will find helpful.

The basic theme is that when a stock or fund drops 50%, then just to get back to “square one” it has to double in value (gain 100%) – – – and since the stock market gains an average of only 12% a year*, it would take more than 6 years to recover from such a loss.

Fortunately, a 50% loss of share price is not an every day occurrence; but even a 20% or 30% loss can be very painful to a retiree whose income is based on the principal in his account. The volatility in today’s markets can hardly be denied. Even on days when the market averages and indexes have risen, there is a daily list of stocks that have dropped significantly. It is this market action as opposed to stock price action that traps many investors.

The people at www.HottingerSignals.com have put together an informative website that clearly illustrates the danger of blindly “holding and hoping” – – – and they offer a counter-strategy, Hottinger’s E-Zone System, which is easy to follow.

Investors see the status of their own portfolios at a glance, with blinking arrows to alert them when one of their stocks or mutual funds has moved into an entry or an exit zone. These “alerts” are also available as an e-mail service. Website information is clearly written, well-documented with testimonials and sample results, and includes a walk-through “how to use” program.

Investors who have either experienced, or want to avoid, a painful loss in one of their holdings should investigate this new source of information and take advantage of the free trial. While designed initially for 401K, Roth, and IRA investors, short and long term traders will also find this information useful.

Hottinger Capital Consulting, Ltd was chartered in 1988 for the purpose of publishing financial information. Their initial product, The Hottinger Signals, was faxed nightly to 3 continents, to subscribers trading the OEX, SPX and Treasury Bond markets. These signals were developed from a set of very successful market-timing programs that gave advance warning of the severe October ’87 and ’89 reversals.

More information can be found at hottingersignals.com/products.jsp?prodDesc=Ezone

* 1973-2004 CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of Dow 30 stocks = 11.62%

News issued by: Hottinger Capital Consulting

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