New 30-second Commercial Features Music from The G-Man’s MOTION POTION Album

LOS ANGELES, CA (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Radio listeners become a cancer cell inside a human body as part of the new public service announcement created by G-Man Music & Radical Radio ( for the American Cancer Society (

The 30-second PSA begins with an ominous statement, “I am a cancer cell inside your body.” The story continues as a frightening and sonically distorted voice informs you that cancer is growing and multiplying.

It’s a “battle for your life,” states the cancer cell, “and 1,500 times a day, I win,” referring to the number of U.S. daily deaths from cancer.

The spot concludes with an invitation to help in the fight against cancer and directs people to visit the American Cancer Society Web site.

“It was fun playing the evil cancer cell,” states Scott G, who wrote and produced the spot in addition to providing the voiceover. The music was from G’s just-released 5th album, MOTION POTION, from Delvian Records (

“We’ll re-record the commercial to include the local phone number of any office of the ACS or other cancer organization,” states Brian Forest, VP of G-Man Music & Radical Radio.

The G-Man album, MOTION POTION, features 8 instrumental songs in the styles known as trance, techno, and explosive-chill and is being released by Delvian Records, (, the aggressively independent label with distribution on Apple’s iTunes and Real Rhapsody.

About Scott G and G-Man Music:

At G-Man Music & Radical Radio, Scott is voice artist and music composer on commercials for Goodrich, Verizon Wireless, Micron, NASSCO, DIRECTV, the Auto Club, and more.

Songs by The G-Man have been called “Moby meets Bowie” (by producer Pete Anderson), “Moby meets Devo” (by TV producer Paul Rich), and “A trip through the Twilight Zone” (by producer Matt Forger). His music is played in clubs and on college radio stations around the globe.

Scott is a member of NARAS ( and has articles on,,, and many more.

For more information on G-Man Music & Radical Radio or MOTION POTION, visit or call 818-223-8486.

Media contact: Brian Forest,, phone: 818-223-8486.

G-Man Marketing
Scott G also owns G-Man Marketing in Los Angeles (, where he consults on marketing and sonic branding, creates cross-media advertising campaigns (print, broadcast, ‘Net), produces radio commercials, and composes music and aural IDs for radio and TV spots.

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