LOS ANGELES, CA – May 18 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Writing in his “Communication Nation” column exclusively for Advertising Industry Newswire (www.AdvertisingIndustryNewswire.com), Scott G (recording artist THE G-MAN) makes a startling suggestion: 49 more states should sue the major record companies.

Everyone in the music business knows that Universal Music Group will pay a $12,000,000 fine for illegal practices (commonly called payola). The charges were brought by Eliot Spitzer, Attorney General of the state of New York, and the money will go to… the state of New York.

This got Scott G to wondering about the verdict. “Why will the money only go to one state? What about the musicians and fans in all the other states?”

G, who is a consulting creative director at G-Man Marketing (www.gmanmarketing.com) in Los Angeles, suggests that 49 more states should take the major record labels to court and makes his case in his “Communication Nation” column, which appears exclusively on the Advertising Industry Newswire (www.AdvertisingIndustryNewswire.com).

“If we as consumers convince the attorney general of each of our states to follow Eliot Spitzer’s lead, we can bring an end to the corruption of the major labels,” states Brian Forest, VP of G-Man Marketing. “If you’re in the music business, you should read G-Man’s article.”

The article, entitled “Millions for New York, But Where’s Your Share?” can be read here:

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At G-Man Marketing, Scott G consults on advertising, marketing, positioning and sonic branding. He writes ad campaigns in all media and has worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

G is also a voting member in NARAS (the Grammy organization) and has 5 albums (recorded as THE G-MAN) on Rhapsody and iTunes via indie label Delvian Records.

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