DANA POINT, Calif. – Oct. 30 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “Cat kidney disease and feline renal failure can be helped using holistic pet care,” says Susan B. Davis, veterinary nutritionist for Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist (www.AskAriel.com). Diet, nutritional supplements and acupuncture can help increase longevity and overall quality of life. Kidney disease is very common in older cats. Owners need to be mindful not only of the kidney disease but of the other complications that can arise such as anemia, dehydration and potential hyperthyroidism, all of which can affect the cat’s diet.

holistic pet careCats with kidney disease and chronic renal failure (CRF) need a diet that is lower in protein and phosphorous but rich in enzymes and Omega 3 fatty acids. However, many cats don’t want to eat the prescription diets recommended by their veterinarians and begin to lose weight and become lethargic. Thus, a customized diet and nutrition protocol for cat kidney disease is often required.

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Davis teaches owners how to prepare a custom diet for cats with kidney disease and renal failure. She works with the owner to find foods that the cat will eat but balances out the nutrients to ensure they remain consistent with the profile prescribed by veterinarians. She uses mathematical models to calculate the appropriate amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats and vegetables to include in the pet’s diet. She uses information about the pet such as its age, weight and current health problems, as well as lifestyle considerations of the owner, to determine the exact portions of each nutrient that are appropriate for the pet.

“Many cat owners have multiple cats and/or other lifestyle considerations so we help them find the best way to give their cats exceptional nutrition while still considering the cat kidney disease,” says Susan Davis, CCN.

Davis provides nutrition consultations to pet owners at VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital in Lake Forest, CA. Working with Dr. David Gordon, holistic veterinarian with over 25 years of veterinary experience, they provide a comprehensive holistic program for pets. Along with conventional veterinary care, the hospital offers holistic options for cat kidney disease including diet, supplements, vitamin therapy, subcutaneous fluids and acupuncture. “Acupuncture is very beneficial for cats with kidney disease because it increases blood flow to the kidneys and enhances kidney function,” says Dr. David Gordon, holistic veterinarian.

In addition to office visits at this state-of-the-art animal hospital, telephone consultations are also available through Davis’ website www.askariel.com. AskAriel.com is a library of common pet health conditions with guidelines on how to treat them using diet, nutrition and holistic care. On her website, Davis provides a holistic protocol for cat kidney disease. Davis has carefully researched the most appropriate holistic supplements for dogs and cats with kidney disease and chronic renal failure. “Pet owners need to be careful about the nutritional supplements they use because they are not regulated by the FDA and there is a huge variation in quality as well as purity.

For example, “the Omega 3 fish oil available on askariel.com has been purified for heavy metals and other environmental toxins while most fish oils have not,” says Davis. All of Davis’ supplements have been vet-approved.

For more information about Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist, the holistic program at VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital, Dr. David Gordon or Susan Davis, CCN, please visit www.askariel.com or call 949-499-9380.

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