HOUSTON, Texas – Nov. 29 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — November 27, known as “Cyber-Monday” showed an unprecedented 26% increase over the same day last year as internet shoppers handed over $608 million to internet sellers. The modern shopping boom is accompanied by interest in modern products, at least in one area where a brand new diamond shape is receiving what we should call “X-plosive” attention over its traditional counterparts, say the folks at Whiteflash.com.

This year jing-a-ling bling has a new ring with X-Factor, the dazzling diamond offered by online boutique Whiteflash.com. X-Factor is related to the popular Princess shape, but this younger sister has “clipped” corners for a flashy, modern look. Sizzling with sparkle, trimmed corners increase its durability and (gasp!) makes it look bigger for the carat weight. This chic square is a natural match for vigorous, active people looking to explore new delights. Girls and boys alike think the modern look is dynamite, so X could mark the spot for anyone this season.

Historically square diamonds didn’t have the sharp, scintillating pizzazz associated with rounds. That changed in the 1960s with the original Princess cut. The Princess incorporates triangular faceting on the bottom, or pavilion, of the diamond which increases brilliance and gives it a snappy performance kick over other squares. The new X-Factor enjoys the same brilliant faceting as the Princess, but with the vulnerable corners removed. This shape is proving very versatile for diamond jewelry since it looks equally appealing matched with square or round side-stones. Side by side, “eternity” X-Factors have a distinctive geometric look as the edges meet creating Vs where the cut corners occur.

Top online diamond sellers are compelled to provide the highest level of pedigree and guarantees and Whiteflash.com doesn’t fall short in this area. Every X-Factor comes with a quality report from the AGS, the world’s strictest diamond grading laboratory, and a lifetime trade-up option allowing future diamond selections with full credit for the trade! Whether they’ve been naughty or nice, the X-perts predict X-treme X-citement for X-Factor. So whisper in Santa’s ear with a sparkle in your eye and “ring” in the holidays…with Xs and “Ohs!”

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