DANA POINT, Calif. – Apr. 3 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist (www.AskAriel.com) announced today a comprehensive holistic plan to help heal pets affected by the pet food recall. “Pets affected by the pet food recall can greatly benefit from a balanced homemade diet and nutritional supplements that will help detoxify the kidneys and liver,” says Susan Blake Davis, veterinary nutritionist.

pet food recall - (c) Send2PressShe advises pet owners to take their pets immediately to their veterinarian for a blood and urine test if they suspect their pet may have been affected. Following their visit to the veterinarian, pet owners can utilize her holistic plan (along with their doctor’s instructions) to help heal their pet.

Most pet owners affected by the pet food recall have taken immediate action to take their pets off the tainted food and brought their pets to the veterinarian for emergency care. However, many of the owners are unsure what steps to take next. For example, if people were buying foods they thought were reputable, they are unsure which food to use now. “There are so many brands affected and many are the names you hear are good brands. How do I know which type of food is really good for my pets?” says Leslie Quinton, an Ask Ariel client whose pets were not affected by the pet food recall.

Davis first and foremost recommends a balanced homemade diet if the pet owner has the time and inclination to prepare it. “I encourage people to give their pets wholesome nutritious meals made from lean meats, fish, brown rice, omega 3 fatty acids and fresh vegetables-otherwise known as ‘people food.’ Contrary to some claims, people food can actually be good for your pets,” says Susan Blake Davis, an animal rescuer and Clinical Nutritionist who founded Ask Ariel.

“But, there is a big difference between giving your pet a homemade meal made with fresh ingredients and giving your pet table scraps. Table scraps contain too much fat and other non-nutritious ingredients that can make pets sick and disagree with their physiology, but fresh meals made with balanced ingredients can help them ward off diseases and chronic conditions.”

For those who are unable to prepare a balanced homemade diet, Davis recommends the following: “Look at the labels. There are many ‘holistic’ and ‘all-natural’ brands that contain quality ingredients. There are also raw frozen diets that contain wonderful fresh ingredients including meat that is free of hormones and antibiotics, combined with fresh vegetables and flax seed. Avoid pet foods that contain chemical preservatives such as ethoxyquin, additives such as anticaking or coloring agents and food colorings. If you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients, you might want to look for an alternate brand.”

However, Davis warns that if a pet’s kidneys were affected by the pet food recall, the pet may require a reduced protein diet temporarily in which case a prescription or homemade diet is required. In addition, she advocates using some kidney and liver detoxification supplements which can help clear out some of the poisons and help the pet feel better.

Davis’ website www.askariel.com is a complete library on holistic pet care and contains a wide spectrum of high quality, natural supplements to help heal pets suffering from various health conditions. Davis is especially knowledgeable about kidney disease and has worked with hundreds of pet owners within the U.S. and internationally who have pets suffering from this condition.

“Susan Davis is very knowledgeable about nutrition and the holistic care of animals,” says Dr. David Gordon, a practicing veterinarian in Lake Forest, California. “She has achieved remarkable results.”

For more information about Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist or Susan Davis, CCN, please visit www.askariel.com or call 949-499-9380.

Proceeds from AskAriel.com will help fund Ariel Rescue, a charity founded by Davis that saves death row dogs from high kill shelters.

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