CHENGDU, China, Oct. 7 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — EASEUS announces the release of its server version of Partition Manager V. 2.0. Partition Magic came first, but this new upgrade now supports: Windows 2000 Server SP4; Windows 2000 Advanced Server SP4; Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition; Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition; Windows Server 2003 x64 Standard Edition; and Windows Server 2003 x64 Enterprise Edition.

EaseusPartition Manager Server Edition, attractive price US$149.00, works on server and non-server systems including: Windows 2000; Windows XP; and Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It makes the perfect choice for computer geeks on servers that were installed with non-server systems.

It also creates, deletes, formats and moves a logical disk to reallocate space and easily works with the system requirements of a tricky application.

At some point, most people will have to reshape their hard disks on a server. But, now they can do it without having to wipe out the entire disk and reinstalling software.

EASEUS Partition Manager Server Edition performs many basic and advanced file system functions: resizing and moving partitions; creating new and deleting partitions; formatting partitions and sticking up labels to them; marking partition as active; and hiding and un-hiding partitions.

Designed to be user friendly; users simply click on the disk (partition) to be managed, and then choose the required action on the partition’s menu — e.g., resize.

Accuracy and safety also count. For example, before deleting data, the program will clarify whether the user wants to delete the partition or to erase all data. It will also not allow the user to create a FAT16 partition larger than 4GB; it can handle up to 32 hard disks from 1GB to 1TB.

Server users can obtain a powerful partition manager, ready to handle quickly, yet securely, individual drives and RAID arrays.

Compared with its earlier versions, it also runs on a bootable CD, regardless of the operating system — a useful feature in case of a crash.

System Requirements are: Windows Server (2000 and 2003) and non-server (2000, XP and Vista) 32 and 64-bit systems.

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