HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa., May 6 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Multi-Flow Industries, a manufacturer of fountain-dispensed beverages, announced the launch of T’ei, a new fountain-dispensed iced tea brand. T’ei (pronounced “tay”) will compete in a beverage category that continues to post solid growth. Current Iced Tea Trends, reported by Beverage World, show 12 percent growth. The primary demographic for iced teas continues to expand, and Iced Tea enthusiasts are eager to try new flavors, brands, and variations, according to industry analysts.

The primary targets for “T’ei” are restaurants and foodservice operations that have traditionally brewed their own iced tea, but are looking for a consistent quality beverage. The company contends that “T’ei” saves employees valuable time versus brewed tea concepts, and ensures there is no waste in disposing of brewed tea that is left over at the end of a shift. The brand also offers a much more sanitary process of delivering a quality beverage to the end-user, according to the Multi-Flow brand team.

Tanishia Lawson, Product Development Manager at Multi-Flow, developed “T’ei” using a bolder black tea variety, as well as a more delicate green tea blend complemented with subtle flavors. “T’ei” is brewed primarily from the China variety of leaf, which thrives at higher altitudes. The brand will be available in 15 varieties, including Unsweetened Black, Sweetened Black Tea with Lemon, Raspberry Black Tea, Diet Black Tea with Lemon, Green Tea with Honey, Lemon & Ginseng, Blueberry White Tea, and Passion Fruit Black Tea. In pursuit of a clean, pure taste, all sweetened varieties are made from real sugar and not high fructose corn syrup.

The brand will communicate “Fresh, Iced, and Pure” on the logo. “The focus is on the traditional Han, Chinese character, which symbolizes ‘Tea’,” according to Mark Stephens, Multi-Flow CEO. “The essence of the brand is its purity, and nothing denotes that more than the Chinese symbol for “tea” above a simple tea leaf on a white background.”

“T’ei” will be distributed in 3-gallon bag-in-the-box for use on standard fountain dispensing equipment, or through a branded tea urn, and is available for immediate distribution throughout the United States.

Multi-Flow Industries announced solid top-line revenue growth for 2008, and Stephens feels confident that “T’ei” will enable the company to sustain that growth into the current year. “We feel that ‘T’ei’ will make a solid impact in the category because of the brand’s ability to connect with the end-user. We’re offering a great-tasting iced tea developed by true tea enthusiasts-we call them ‘tea purists’ here on our Multi-Flow campus.”

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