Transmission used Sharewell’s patented EM technology – Project demonstrates the superior capabilities of Sharewell’s EM technology.

HOUSTON, Texas, Feb. 15 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Sharewell L.P. announced that it continues to successfully deploy its Electro-Trac™ EM system in major producing unconventional basins. The Company’s patented, proprietary EM-MWD system has now been successfully deployed in the Rocky Mountains, Barnett Shale, Fayetteville Shale, Haynesville Shale, and New Albany Shale. The Company’s next challenge will be a test in the Eagleford Shale which should occur in the next two weeks.

Sharewell’s patented EM system is capable of identifying, transmitting and decoding very weak signals. The technology successfully operates at greater depths than other EM systems and in formations not favorable to EM wave propagation. Sharewell believes these capabilities distinguish its EM technology from other EM systems currently in use.

Sharewell’s EM technology saves the operator time and money by transmitting data faster than mud-pulse and by providing continuous transmission even while making connections. Unlike traditional mud pulse MWD transmission systems, EM technology does not rely on drilling fluids to transmit pressure pulses to the surface. Because EM systems have no moving parts or fluid restrictions, they are more reliable than conventional mud pulse tools.

Sharewell L.P. is a privately held service and technology company providing premium directional drilling products, services and technology to the oil and gas and pipeline and utility industries worldwide.

For more information on the Company or to learn more about the Company’s EM technology please contact Mark West or Greg Turner @ 713-983-9818. Website:

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