HOUSTON, Texas, April 12 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Sharewell Energy Services, a division of Sharewell L.P., announced today that it just completed the drilling of a well in the Rocky Mountain area with its proprietary Electro-Magnetic Measurement While Drilling System (EM MWD) (Electro-Trac™) to a depth in excess of thirteen thousand feet (13,000 feet). This is a record depth for Sharewell’s state-of-the-art EM MWD technology.

Electro-Trac™ successfully steered and surveyed the above well to a measured depth of 13,065 feet (12,902 feet TVD) accumulating 700+ circulating hours without failure. This was accomplished without the use of repeaters or hard wiring. The Electro-Trac EM MWD was developed with initial funding from a Department of Energy (DOE) grant as part of the Deep Trek Initiative. Part of the Deep Trek Initiative’s focus was to develop lower cost methods of developing deep gas via development of a unique Electro Magnetic transmission system.

Conventional EM MWD systems have depth limitations due to their inability to generate the required amplitude necessary to penetrate the increasing overburden of the surrounding geology, and/or detect and adequately filter the ambient noise. EM MWD technology is preferred over traditional, “mud pulse” MWD systems which require generation and subsequent acquisition of fluid pressure changes to transmit the required data. EM MWD saves operators substantial survey time which translates into cost savings for oil and gas operators.

Sharewell L.P. is successfully operating the Electro-Trac™ MWD system in multiple reservoirs/basins including Eagleford Shale, Barnett Shale, Marcellus Shale, New Albany Shale, Fayetteville Shale, Antrim Basin, San Juan Basin, Piceance Basin, and Uinta Basin.

Sharewell L.P. is an independent privately owned company specializing in directional drilling and measurement while drilling services and technology located in Houston, Texas and Rifle, Colo. For more information on the company or to learn more about the company’s EM technology please contact Mark West or Greg Turner @ 713-983-9818. Website: http://www.sharewell.com .

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