HOUSTON, Texas, April 26 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Spring has officially sprung! Paying homage to the season of rebirth, a collaborative effort, exclusively for Whiteflash.com by craftsman Leon Mege, has sprung the refreshingly new “Lotus” ring design. This intricately faceted design perfectly reflects Whiteflash’s obsessive focus on craftsmanship and detail galore.

Always looking to create edgy yet relevant designs for everyday women, Whiteflash.com, a leading online fine jewelry and diamond boutique, leaves us breathless again with their newest bridal set featuring their critically acclaimed Whiteflash A Cut Above branded diamond. Historically known for its dichotomous strength and delicate beauty, the elusive lotus flower is the unmistakable muse for this creation translating into wearable art for the finger.

The Lotus Unfolds:
Not your typical solitaire, “The Lotus” boasts a whimsical half eternity band culminating in the upturned 18K rose gold petal basket accented with four pink diamond melee stones. The design also has a creatively dramatic reverse wishbone prong mount. A subtle but complementary petal motif runs down either side of the band adding a romantic flare. Suspended above this impressive mounting is the piece de resistance — a highly faceted round Whiteflash “A Cut Above” diamond which evokes the petals of an unfolding flower. A matching full eternity band with the same romantic etching completes the set.

Uncovering the cultural meaning behind this flower could prove even more relevant for the expectant groom looking for the perfect ring for his bride. Purity, perfection and transcending change are the overwhelming themes found when referencing the lotus flower; all of which appropriately echo the sentiments behind true love and the journey to marriage.

Lifecycle of ‘The Lotus’:
Behind every good design is a creative mind that pushes the boundaries of perfection — that mind, in this case, belongs to both Whiteflash.com founder Debi Wexler and artisan Leon Merge. Germinating from a simple idea that Wexler had to capture the sheer beauty and romance of the Lotus flower; Leon took this vision and poured the life into it. Perhaps the intricate detail and exacting proportions achieved in “The Lotus” design can best be explained because Leon learned his old world jewelry technique from old masters working with just a few hand tools. Past winner of the highly coveted AGTA Spectrum Award, the most respected and prestigious award for the design industry, Leon is also a former protege of world renowned couture designer Henry Dunay.

Thrilled by the physical manifestation of her dream Wexler remarks: “Although Whiteflash.com normally showcases our own custom designs, we couldn’t resist Leon’s genius and design sensibilities which compliments our existing engagement ring designs. The union of his design and our unmatched diamond quality creates the spark of life that gives ‘The Lotus’ its luxurious sizzle, and even more importantly, makes it unforgettable.”

Far more than a feather in their cap, “The Lotus” ring’s arrival adds another dimension to the already diverse bridal collection from Whiteflash.com. The site has proven time again that it is a must shop destination for every bride/groom-to-be looking to express individual style. The site’s custom design option creates the personal touch that some perspective shoppers seek when looking to make the purchase, and promise, of a lifetime.

About Whiteflash:
Whiteflash.com is the first company in the U.S. to offer an exclusive brand of Hearts & Arrows diamond and bring the sheer beauty of “super ideal cut” to the Internet Debi Wexler, a computer entrepreneur founded Whiteflash.com in 2000 bringing an expansive selection of loose diamonds to the Internet, including an exclusive brand of Hearts & Arrows diamonds. “Whiteflash A Cut Above”® is unmatched in its brilliance, fire and sparkle and remains the only Hearts & Arrows diamond sold online with advertised standards and a “true patterning” guarantee. Whiteflash.com also offers original, handcrafted platinum and gold settings, diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, custom designs and specialty jewelry.

For more information, log on to www.whiteflash.com or call 877.612.6770.

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