HOUSTON, Texas, April 19, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In close cooperation with the American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL), Whiteflash Inc. announced today a new innovation on the Platinum Diamond Quality® Documents (DQD) of all new round brilliant diamonds in stock.

The AGSL has recently introduced a computer generated “Hearts” image which is now available on Platinum DQD and Proprietary branded reports. The Hearts image is an ASET light map illustrating light behavior from the pavilion side of the diamond. Because of the explosive growth in demand for Hearts and Arrows diamonds, this new feature will add value for tens of thousands of consumers. The presence of well defined hearts and arrows patterning in polished diamonds indicates outstanding three dimensional symmetry and top cut craftsmanship.

As a leading provider of Hearts and Arrows diamonds, Whiteflash will be the first company to integrate this new feature into the comprehensive data that we provide on all of our round in-house diamonds. As an internationally acclaimed diamond and jewelry retailer known for its commitment to full transparency and consumer education we feel this feature further validates and strengthens our value proposition. Having tested the accuracy of the AGSL computer generated images against a representative set of actual Whiteflash diamonds with actual hearts images, we are confident in the usefulness of the new imagery.

Objective third party gemological evaluation such as that done by the AGSL (http://agslab.com) is critical to understanding light performance in diamonds. Computer generated ASET (Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool) images have been an integral part of the AGSL Platinum DQD since its inception. With the dual light maps on the new report (the new pavilion view Hearts ASET image together with the original face up ASET image showing the arrows pattern) the consumer is provided with complete light performance and cut quality information in an easy to understand graphical display, removing the uncertainty surrounding the all-important aspect of diamond cut quality.

Both of the ASET maps are generated by the highly sophisticated and scientifically vetted light performance grading system of the AGSL. High Definition three dimensional Sarin Technologies non-contact scans capture the precise measurements of every facet of the diamond. All that data is fed into the AGSL diamond modeling and ray tracing software that performs millions of calculations and determines the quantity and quality of light coming from every facet of the diamond in a range of viewing angles.

For shoppers searching for diamonds with optimal fire, brilliance and sparkle such as the world class A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal, the new dual light map report from AGSL is the certificate of choice. If you are shopping for a Hearts and Arrows diamond this is the pedigree you want backing your purchase.

About Whiteflash:
Whiteflash is a full scale manufacturing jeweler specializing in Ideal Diamonds, Engagement Rings and Fine Bridal Jewelry.

The award winning Whiteflash.com website, described by Kiplinger’s Magazine as the “Lord of the Online Rings” enables shoppers the world over to view, compare and purchase top quality diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry in a convenient and secure environment.

Whiteflash is the first jewelry retailer in the world to attain ISO 9001 certification for total quality management.

For more information, log onto http://www.whiteflash.com or call toll free 877-612-6770.

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