TIPP CITY, Ohio, Jan. 14, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Bash Foo, a digital marketing agency, announced today that they will be opening the Bash Foo Entrepreneurial Center later this spring. The Entrepreneurial Center, to be located at 140 E. Broadway Ave., represents an unprecedented local commitment by the company to expand and nurture small business activity in Tipp City and the surrounding area.

The Bash Foo Entrepreneurial Center is being created to provide opportunity for others that will be “paid forward” to their clients through their increased access to affordable local services.

Bash Foo President Mike McDermott explains, “With the Entrepreneurial Center’s use of cloud based small business tools and a supportive virtualized and shared workforce model, these Very Small Businesses (VSB’s) will experience a much higher rate of long term success, as well as a steeper incline to profitability.”

The Bash Foo Entrepreneurial Center is intended to fill gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem by significantly increasing the commercialization outcome of our local VSB’s while reducing the time it takes to achieve meaningful economic impact. Use of the Entrepreneurial Center allows these VSB’s to focus on the development of their service without the constant distractions and inconveniences of home-based ventures.

The Center will provide several levels of participation for local entrepreneurs, from simple mail and reception services and shared office space all the way up to becoming a full-time tenant. Company officials are urging local entrepreneurs that are seeking shared office space or simply a business address that isn’t a post office box to contact them quickly.

“I really wish there was something like this available to me when my small business was starting out,” shared McDermott, “a place where I can hang my hat, get some creative work done, and do so without a whole lot of overhead expense.”

Interested small business owners and entrepreneurs should submit letters of interest to Bash Foo by February 3, 2014. Learn more at: http://get.bashfoo.com/bash-foo-entrepreneurial-center/.

About Bash Foo:
Bash Foo is a digital marketing agency that seeks to build the online reputations of small business in affordable and inspiring ways. Headquartered in Tipp City, Ohio just a short distance from Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus, Bash Foo has transformed creative web design, search engine optimization, and online marketing from a business into an art form. Better yet, Bash Foo has used their creativity and expertise to convert their office space into a hub of ingenuity and entrepreneurship. Information: http://bashfoo.com/.

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