SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., May 20, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Bayflex Solutions, a systems integrator, and Yuasa System, the leading provider of endurance test systems for displays and flexible electronics, will demonstrate new solutions for flexible display testing at the Society for Information Display (SID) Display Week, taking place virtually May 17-21.

SU Desktop Sliding Screen Tester for Rollable Phones
IMAGE CAPTION: SU Desktop Sliding Screen Tester for Rollable Phones.

Building on Yuasa’s world-class capabilities for repeated physical motions using unique tension-free technology that enables non-destructive performance evaluations, Bayflex will demonstrate several new capabilities at the Display Week Exhibitor’s Forum:

* CS-MAX Platform enables multi-layer delamination and material deformation testing of various sample or component sizes. The platform enables in-fold and out-fold, with optional cartridges, optional CS-CAM optical imaging package, and uses a high-power DR/5 motor for increased torque.

* SU short roll mechanical jig for sliding screen smartphone designs (e.g., rollable phones). The SU’s standard counter-weight design enables precise adjustments for various spring type mechanisms, with an optional load-cell package to detect additional material sagging.

* LET low-energy impact tester for multi-purpose indentation assessments. A multi-actuator chassis enables simultaneous folding motion combined with variable low impact energy testing. Controlled adjustments in impact and with different materials and sizes, enables scratch (steel wool), soft indentation (human pushing), hard indentation (stylus simulation), and other impact assessments.

* Flexdata SaaS data platform optimized for Yuasa endurance testers, enabling remote monitoring and collaboration around sample testing. Flexdata enables easy set-up for repetitive or similar testing parameters, multi-level real-time data analysis, data storage in secure cloud environment, with two-way communication and data exchange capabilities. Compatible with passive component environment tests.

Google’s Reliability Lab utilizes Bayflex/Yuasa equipment for display testing, noting: “Comprehensive and accurate reliability assessment of foldable displays has been always very challenging. Specifically assessing the right failure mode and failure time/cycle is very crucial for foldable display development.”

The CS-Max and SU systems are compatible with Flexdata. Bayflex Solutions and Yuasa System are continuing to develop multi-environment chambers (PICO) that enable desktop endurance testing in multiple hostile conditions such as humidity and temperature.

Bayflex Solutions offers equipment on a subscription basis in addition to purchase, and has opened test centers in Japan and the U.S. so that clients can ship samples for testing.

About YUASA System Co.Ltd

Yuasa System has been developing endurance testing systems for over twenty-five years. Trusted in automobile, consumer electronics and other industries it has developed modular systems with tension-free™ mechanisms to better isolate test characteristics and conform to functionality tests according to the latest international, domestic and industry-led testing standards for flexible materials, components, cables and modules ( ).

About Bayflex Solutions

Bayflex Solutions is a systems integrator of Yuasa System and developer of endurance testing system control, electronic & image processing and data analysis. Bayflex Solutions has been a long-term collaborator with leading North American companies and standards bodies to ensure leading-edge testing capabilities ( ).

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